Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad News

Okay..bad news time and I mean BBBAAADDDD NNNEEEWWWWSSSS

In the picture below you can see how I let my piggies visit. I put a big round pen up and put the ladies in it. Then I put the lid of a cage in the corner and put the boys in that so they can be a part of the herd but not actually IN with the girls.

See how nicely this works?? I've done it numerous times with no problems.

See ZuZu Petals talking to her son Secret?? Isn't that nice???

Well I decided the 2 boys were stinky and gave them a bath. Then I did the cage setup. I was outside watching them for quite a while and then checked on them a few times later and all was well. That was until I went out after dinner and there was Skittles, my most fav. piggie and is a BOY was in with the ladies. All 5 ladies, his mom, sisters and ZuZu Petals.

I was shocked, dismayed, upset, feeling sick, almost cried, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, nerves on get the picture.

So there is a very good possibility that I could end up with 20+ I really want to cry.

They are not like rabbits and do not breed at the drop of a hat BUT knowing my luck and knowing that Skittles is very virile, handsome and smelt very good after his bath ..I shall probably end up with babies. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that not too many will be knocked up.

I still have no idea how he got out. Good boy Secret was still in the cage. I have no idea what I will do with babies because I already kept all the surprise ones my females came with.

I already kept all the surprise Bunnies My female gave me. I never had ANY litters of anything when I lived on the farm...why is this happening now!!!

Oh well in 70 days I will know what the future holds...WWHHHAAAAAAAAA

2 comments: said...

Oh heavens! You'll have a herd of guinea pigs! I'll keep my fingers crossed that nothing happened. It's hard to resist a good, clean smelling guy though, lol!

Rosebud Collection said...

Oh my, this is a problem..Gosh, I hope all turns out well and the little piggies, won't have little piggies..You know, I don't know much about it..but wishing you the best..