Monday, July 18, 2011

New Love

I've owned a lot of different animals over the years but these guys have won me over!! I don't know why I didn't get one or errrrr seven ...years ago!!!

Meet the PIGS..guinea pigs to be exact.

In this mass of fur there are 7 guinea pigs. Did I want 7 guinea pigs....nooooooo, but here they are!

I went to a chicken sale and as anyone knows who has followed this blog I should never go to those things. I had decided that I wanted 2 guinea pigs. Where I keep my horse there are 2 awesome piggies and I just had to get one or two or seven.

So I picked out a cute one and since they were 2 for $5 I also picked her out a friend.

They were both girls and both 3 mths. old. I said the the guy selling them "there isn't any chance of them being pregnant is there?" and of course he said no way they are too young.

So I felt pretty safe and brought them home. They were soooo cute but the one named Jellybean kept getting fatter so I finally had to admit she was knocked up. I kept flipping the other one I named ZuZu Petals upside down to check her "privates" to make sure she was a she. I think it gave her a complex.

So I checked out all the facts on the Internet and sure enough, just like it said, exactly 2 months after the sale Jellybean gave birth to 4 babies. I was sooo excited. They were amazing, eyes open..running around. Luckily I had separated ZuZu Petals and Jellybean a few days before but ZuZu Petals wasn't getting much attention because of the new babies. That was until I was feeding them and a baby ran out of ZuZu Petals house. I didn't even know she was preggars because she always kept her girlish figure. Jellybean on the other hand was HUGE You could sit her up like a dog begging and she couldn't budge because her baby belly would settle in around her. He was a little older than Jellybean's kids and looked very healthy. I named him Secret.

Unfortunately Jellybean had 2 runts. One was just small and I named her Jello, because I like Jello, but the other had a crooked head and gimpy hind leg. I named her Sprout. When I came back from work on day 2 I found the sickly runt Sprout rejected in a corner of the cage all by super owner jumped into action and gave her to ZuZu Petals. After all her boy Secret would do better with a sibling. She basically sniffed her once and then tucked her into her hair and that was that. She thrived with her new mommy and all was well in the piggie world.

So here are some pics..more to come of course as I introduce you to the gang...and yes I kept all 7 of them!!.ZuZu Petals, Jellybean, Sprout, Skittles, Secret, Bean and Jello.

Here is Mama Jellybean. She is a sweet piggie who loves her treats. Very easy to handle and gets along with everybody. She is a little camera shy but has scruffy tri coloured hair.

This shot has Jellybean's butt on the left, then Bossy Bean in the center and little Sprout on the right. Jello is behind them with her belly bandage on but that's another story.

This is ZuZu Petals. She is red and white and has long back hair that I comb all the time. She is super friendly and talks to me all the time.

Here she is talking with her son Secret.

They are so cute with their fluffy hair and floppy ears and I love how they sing like a little choir of angels. Well maybe not angels but they are sweet!!


Chris and Cody said...

Your piggies are too cute and we love the names...especially Jello...they are all the cutest living zhu zhu pets said...

I love the names too! You are so lucky to have so many babies to play with! I am so jealous!!! Ah, I love that she adopted the runt as her own. It is such a sweet, sweet thing. :)

The Sprollies 'n' Border Collies said...

I love ginea pigs, but I don't have any. Though I do sometimes when I Guinea-sit for a friend! They are so sweet!

Pearl and Daisy said...

Your piggies are the cutest with their fabulous names!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy