Monday, November 28, 2011


 Well things here are so busy but I do have a few things to share. I went on my trip to Illinois to visit my sis and left the dogs behind with Mr B. The dogs survived but they gave Mr B alot of grief. They were very naughty and dirty puppies and I had to throw out my carpet because they soiled it so badly. Really now...were did they learn their manners.

So I took a plane ride from Toronto to Chicago then Chicago to Illinois. From there we drove 5 hrs to Indianapolis State Fair Grounds to the Chicken Nationals. phew..then we spent forever unloading birds and walking miles with them because the parking was so bad but eventually we settled in. I took a few pics ..600 to be exact but narrowed it down to 424..some of which I will be sharing with you over the next few posts..So here we go....

First you must wash all the birds. The white ones are left to the last.
How sad do these girls look!
Then you blow off the extra water
Nice boots!
Then you leave them to dry, fluff and puff and off to the show you go. 

The smaller youth building...which was actually HUGE
Another view
sales area

Sales area
  Now we show. The birds just sit around and wait for the judge to see them.

Help..I can't see!!!

I still can't see!!! What did I win????
This is Barbie and she did really well.

Another winning bird, this colour is known as a partridge. My personal fave.

Another pic of this girl.

How sweet am I?
This is one of his Buff coloured girls.

Where is my face???
 He also has Blue coloured silkies

Cody also shows a heritage breed called Nankins. These are just little guys known as bantams but are chocked full of personality. I LOVE this breed.

This is the rooster Chick Chick Peep Peep getting ready for the show. He is easier to groom than the silkies. Just a bit of shine and oil and off he goes.

Cody giving Chick chick Peep Peep a pep talk before the show

Showing off to the hen behind him
Chick Chick Peep Peep was a single chick that was raised in the house. He likes to watch TV with the family and sometimes forgets he is a chicken. At the show he decided to pick a fight with the rooster beside him and cut up his comb. After a quick repair job he went on to win Best of Breed!

I don't have any pics of the other building because I spent most my time in the youth show area. There were almost 12,000 birds at this show. That includes chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. It was noisy. Cody did really well though and showed in showmanship with his rooster George.
George is the white bird behind case you can't tell them
So I wandered around the 12,000 birds and found the breed I use to have ..POLISH
Look at them all ..I am in Polish Heaven

A beautiful buff laced hen

Love this hen

The colour I had..A white crested black rooster..sigh..this one is the best I have ever seen.

Another colour I had..white crested blue hen..just beautiful

Mr Beautiful

So that's enough chickens for now...Did I mention there was a rabbit show also?

I am a rabbit not a pillow

who you lookin at?
Did I fail to mention a cat show was there also?
Don't hate me because I am beautiful
Stay tuned...more to come!