Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally a chance to post!

Sorry I have not posted lately but things around here are really busy. I'm quitting my job of 20 years..starting a new one part time...moving...moving my horses and cats..moving my pets to the new home and getting things set up!!!

My fiance Mr B found a sick squirrel so he has been taking care of it. It has become quite tame but it is a skittish little thing. Well it got loose on the weekend and long story short ..I grabbed it and it sunk it's teeth into my finger and would not let go!! Mr B had to pry it's jaws apart to make it let go. The squirrel was covered with blood, Mr B was splattered and it was dripping out of my finger. I have been bitten, scratched knocked over by animals..heck..I even sewed my finger with an industrial sewing machine but nothing ever hurt like this! I was almost faint from the pain. So while I was cursing and swearing Mr B had to go make sure the squirrel was okay. "Poor Murrell" he says.."he's all covered with blood and freaked out"

He was worried about the squirrel more than me..and I'm going to marry this man..the thing that makes me feel good though is while he was hanging off my finger, I was pulling I think I stretched him about an inch! is swollen and red. Bled for 8 hrs on and off but it's not no felting for a bit..but here is what I had done before it happened!!

My Basset Hound

A handsome dalmation

A cute bear I dyed with kool ade!!

A border collie ..who just sold actually :)

I'll try to catch up on all your blogs when I have a bit of down time..TTFN

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newest Feltie

I made this unicorn recently. He is quite large for me..around 7". I made his hooves and horn out of clay and really liked how they worked out. He is made from alpaca and his mane and tail are tibetian lambs wool. I named him Cloud after a rat terrier I read about on occasion :)
Anyhoo I put him on ebay and he sold. He is off to Vegas!!!

I just finished a large dragon but am waiting to put wings on him. I am trying a new technique so it should be interesting to see how they turn out. I'm also on a dog felting kick...I'm going to make a whole pack of's fun! So far I have a Border Collie, Boston Terrier, Dalmatian, Basset Hound, Afghan Hound and a golden lab...any other suggestions?? I also have started a first one...I'll try to post some pics as I go along!

Fave Things Thursday

Well it is fave Thursday again and to follow my "theme" of squirrels, I decided that they are my FAVE thing today!!!

A very cute albino squirrel.

As you all know I love felties..this little fellow named Ralph is sooo cute!

A dresden Christmas Ornament...I love this style!

A mama and baby..awwwwwwwwwww!!!

Look!!! You can have a squirrel and his woodland friends on your wall!!!

A squirrel pin cushion. I could never stick pins in this cute little guy and his name is Goody Gumdrops!!!! Tee Hee

Show off your style with this squirrel bag. Love the fluffy tail!

How sweet would this pillow look on your couch or bed???

We all love having a hot beverage once in a while...why not wrap it with a squirrel?

Rest your spoon in pretty...

For those squirrel lovin dogs...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Squirrel Support

Timmy has decided that the squirrels are getting a bum wrap with OWAS and has decided to step in. He has opened a training facility which he is funding with a grant from his friend Queen Elizabeth. She is horrified that squirrels are being treated badly. In England they are protected!
So here are some of his training captains:
Master Ninja Khan...Deceptively cute until he jumps into action..
He has moves the world has never seen...
Master Yoda
Teaches skills in balance and strength
Captain McSquirrel
Teaches ground moves and spy techniques.
That could be you he is spying on dogs...
here is a cadet in combat training
It's exhausting work
Top Agent #10..our master of disguise...
He is busy teaching his cadets how to go out in public and win over humans to our side..after all...they control the dogs..
Start with the children...tell them our side of the story
Shine some shoes and gain a supporter
Get the humans to help you cross enemy lines...
And finally win over the young of our enemy.

We squirrels are everywhere and with Timmy's master manipulative skills and the great intelligence and techniques of our captains..we shall overcome....

Finally our General Mr gotta have big nuts to take on this squirrel..

Jealous all you neutered sissies??????

Friday, June 12, 2009


R.I.P Archie

Yesterday at noon I came home to find my bird Archie dead on my bed. All his tail feathers were pulled out and he had a tiny cut in his breast. He was also covered in saliva.
FiFi, Buster Peebody, Timmy and Ferret Face were all in the room.

Fifi would never do anything like that, Ferret face is so old that she could never move fast enough to catch him. So that left Timmy and Buster Peebody.

Timmy usually sleeps til noon when I go in and wake him up so I figured it was probably Buster Peebody. When I let them back into the room Buster Peebody ran straight to the spot where I found the tail feathers..he did it...I just know it. Since the great hamster massacre in '07 when 8 hamsters died from Hansel(ferret) and Buster Peebody scheming together there has been no indication of any problems.

Archie loved to fly all the time and had lived in the room for 2 years. I had never seen any reason to worry about the dogs killing him.
I feel very guilty, I guess I should have kept him locked up even though he hated it.
I will miss his machine gun/woody woodpecker noises that greeted me every morning...
RIP Archie

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fave Things Thursday

I quess you folks have figured out by now that I like dogs.. So I typed dogs into Etsy and got 52,346 items..few too many for me to pick from. While at Mr B's on the weekend I decided to try to match my dog beds to the colors of the I did a dog bed search and here is what I of my and Timmys fave things!

I love the color red and the devil on it...really great bed!!

Timmy would love this cuddle looks so comfy.

For the little princess..even gets your pups name put on it.

FiFi would look so sweet in this bed.

A lovely bed for outdoors!

Something tough for the big dogs!!

A super idea for an old suitcase. I think this bed is so cute!

The epitome of elegance..a handpainted bed...

Nothing beats a big comfy pillow..

This looks like a great bed for the big dogs or a few little guys!!

Another great outdoor dog bed. Nice and light.

Finally a tea cup bed for a tea cup dog. Miss Fifi would really like this one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Close Up

A close up of Timmy. Not his best pose..."hey Paparrazzi...I love it"

Fifi seems to wonder why I am always pointing that thing at her

but the lower left..a red dog...a PUPPY!!!!

We don't like puppies here at the funny farm.

That is why we adopt OLD dogs (exept for Buster Peebody but he was born with an old soul)

Timmy disappears as the red puppy begins to attack!!

With no one around to help me I must subdue the red puppy myself...

ugggg puppies...the tale of the red puppy coming soon!!!!

I almost forgot to thank for my newest award!!
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Well since I follow dozens of awesome blogs I simply will choose all of you.
Enjoy your award!!!