Friday, January 20, 2012

Shows- Part 4!!!

Just when you thought I had forgotten about them...more show pics as promised!!
The show in Indiana was huge and I have 
posted quite a few chicken pics in the last posts but now is the time for waterfowl and turkeys. So our lesson today is on Ducks, Geese and Turkeys.

Male ducks usually have a curl in their tail feathers whereas the females don't. Also most male ducks can't quack, they make a hoarse hissing sound. So when you hear ducks making a lot of noise you know it is a group of ladies!

 The Cayuga ducks are really neat. They are a medium sized duck and are black but have a green sheen to them. They are really beautiful because they seem to shimmer.

 This is a cute little Call duck. they are very small and very sweet BUT they are noisy. QUACK QUACK all the time.

 This is a beautiful Male Mandarin Duck. They are also quite small.
 Most ducks squat on the ground but not these guys. They like to perch. 
They lay their eggs in a cavity of a tree and after hatching the hen calls to the ducklings to get them to jump out and head to the water.

 This is one of the few breeds of duck where the male helps raise the young.  After the ducklings have hatched he meets up with them in the water and scouts about to keep them safe. 
Obviously due to the colouring of these birds they don't have the greatest survival rate in the wild.

 They are beautiful ducks.

This is a Pomeranian goose pair.

 This one wants to sleep.

 A Chinese goose hissing at me to go away

  A big low to the ground Toulouse goose

 These geese have long wavy feathers and look very messy! 
They are called Sebastopol geese.

 This guy with the big floppy dewlap on his neck is called an African goose.

 A small portion of the geese in this building. With all the waterfowl in this building it was very hard to hear as they quack non stop.

My nephews favourite duck breed is the Muscovy. This duck was the most beautiful dove grey colour with a little mohawk of feathers on the top of it's head. They are a crested breed that also like to perch.

This is a  huge male Muscovy. These guys get really big and the males grow the red bumps all over their face

 These ducks are amazing at pest control and eat hundreds of bugs. They are great on a farm to keep down the fly and mosquito populations. 
They lay alot of eggs, fly well and their meat is almost fat free. Not greasy like other ducks. They also make great pets.

 This is a Muscovy with a Runner duck standing behind it. I use to breed Runner ducks. They look like bowling pins.

 A big turkey..gobble gobble

The things on their noses inflate as they breathe, I found it quite fascinating..yes I need to get a life! I had to look up what all the the red fleshy stuff on was called and here is what I found.

The male turkey has a red fleshy gobble hanging from its neck. It also has a red-pink growth on its head called a carbuncle and a long fleshy growth called a snood at the base of its bill.

So that it for time we start into the rabbits!!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weekly Fave Things

Hello Again

This week I have been looking at various harness and collars for pets. 

 Timmy has a bling collar for public appearances and a soft metallic blue harness for walks.  

Pippin wears a choke chain a lot of the time because his neck gets smelly. I will get him a hunting collar in the spring. They are reflective orange plastic over a nylon collar and are totally waterproof. They are great!! 

Buster Peebody wears hand me downs most of the time and really does not have a special collar to call his own so I think I will find him one. All these selections have been Timmy approved so we are good to go!!

First we have this beautiful hand carved leather collar. The detail on this collar is beautiful and would make any dog proud to wear it.

I will probably order one of these for Buster Peebody for when we take road trips. He is afraid of tags and keys jingling so this is a great ID collar. Unfortunately he is not micro chipped yet but I will get that done when he has his next teeth cleaning. 

What can I say about this collar other than HOW CUTE IS THIS!! As you can tell by my sidebar pics, Timmy and I are fans of the shirt collar and tie. Also the model is too adorable!!!!!
They also sell bow Tie collars with are equally cute.

For the lovely lady in your house a pretty pink collar with lilac and purple flowers. 
Very girly and oh so stylish.

I really like these collars. For small hairless dogs like Timmy the soft padding is a wonderful idea.
I'm sure most dogs would enjoy the comfort. Many colours, check them out!

A very impressive collar. Solid brass everything. 2 straps and 4 buckles and can be made with or without the faux fur. This collar has the WOW factor.

Not wanting to forget our feline friends, a very stylish harness made from  soft lightweight corduroy in a chocolate brown, turquoise and lime green plaid.

 Fully lined in  brown fleece. Easy on Easy off design with Velcro at the neck 
and under the chest. Brown strap/handle and D-ring at the back to attach your leash. . Looks very comfy and I just love black cats :)

This just kills me. A coat harness and hat in  plush fur with three inch faux "ostrich feathers" woven in.  You also get a matching hat. What more could a stylish about town dog want??

Finally , I really love this collar. Lots of colour and neat hardware accents. Not sure if it suits Buster Peebodys  roll in the muck style, but it really is nice.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed my weekly fave things.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weekly faves

I am always on Etsy,  looking at stuff. I use to blog about a few items every week that caught my eye so I thought...why not start again? 
So here we go. 

I love Easter and I love Bunnies so lets kick this first weekly faves post off with BUNNIES!!!!!!

Praying for Carrots
A beautiful bronze sculpture of a bunny

A 4 x 6 bunny watercolor print 

4 too cute bunny buttons 

Some fancy dancy bunny cards

A Micro Mini Terrarium Bunny Necklace

An amazing photo

I can never resist dancing rabbits!

A very adorable tea cozy

Rabbit By Moonlight Tea

The perfect teapot

and finally

An amazing  Life Sized Needlefelted Bunny

Hope you enjoyed this weeks picks

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Timmy update!

After 2 weeks of waiting I finally got Fifi's ashes back. I put a sculpture of a little black poodle on top of the box and for some odd reason find it comforting having her back. I will always miss her and a chunk of my heart died with her that night but life goes on and it's a brand new year. 

So of course with it being a brand new year...I got sick. 3 days in bed but I had my "boys" to keep me company.
Timmy is feeling much better all the healing thoughts must have worked. Thank you. 

So while I was sick he decided to show me just how well he is. 
yum..oatmeal cookies!!
Yup, his appetite is back. He helped himself to a cookie that was in the package. 

I don't care
When I scolded him he just gave me attitude. So I went to the kitchen to get another cookie and when I came back he was polishing off my toast.

I suppose I should be angry but I am just happy to have him feeling better. He really does not care because he knows I am standing there taking his pic but it never stops him!

I LOVE my new sweater!
Off to the kitchen I go but this time I take him with me, so he just finds crumbs on the floor to snack on. I finally found a nice sweater to wear in the house. A lot of his are getting ratty from him scratching at them. I'm not sure about the white cuffs but it fits him nice and tight. He likes this one! Of course he still needs his long johns and coats when he goes outside but it is good for his skin to breathe once in a while. I think his little slipper feet need a trim. He has to go back to the vet to get his "delicate area" swabbed (as the vet tech put it) once his drugs are done.

I am a good boy.

I'm bored.
 So while Timmy is scooting about my other 2 boys are resting on the floor. 
Pippin the BC is getting really fat from being a house dog.
 Buster Peebody is doing great, he really is a photogenic little guy!

It was so cold here that I finally had to move the guinea pigs back in the house from the bunny shed. The bunnies are fine but the little GP's can catch a chill really easy and the heat lamp just wasn't enough.
So now I'll get to have some new models to take pics of! 
Have a great week!!