Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here we go again!

Hello out there!!

We have a new computer!!! It is fast, portable and did I say fast???

So I can blog again. My old computer was taking 1/2 hour just to check emails so blogging was impossible but here we are new and improved!!

Timmy is still going strong and was enjoying a sunny day.

This is what happens to your eyes when you dig around in a shed and try to eat rabbit poop.

Bad Timmy.

Timmy is getting quite senile but is still very active.

As you can see he has a few lumps on him. On a hairless dog they show up quite well.

Well that's it for now but we have lots of stories to tell and new friends for you to meet!


Rosebud Collection said...

so happy to see you back again..My computer went down too..had son-in-law clean it right out..It is good, but still not like it use to be..what the heck it is old too..So glad Timmy is doing well..I laughed at him getting into bad things..he is a cute dog and gives you much joy..Did you get to see William/Kate? I think they are a wonderful pair and hope they have a wonderful life..Take care my friend..sending love/blessings.xoCarolyn/Rosebud

Rosebud Collection said...
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Totally Timmy said...

I did not get to see the royal couple..but think they are great. The best thing that happened to the royals in a long time!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

hey you!!! so glad to see you blogging again. i need to check your past posts to see what has been going on...timmy is so cute! so glad he is doing ok. will put you back on my fave list now that you are active. whoo hoo! :)

Totally Timmy said...

so there is not much to catch up on!!

Sam and Pippen said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and for the lovely comment... at least mom thinks its lovely. Being boys we don't really like to be called cute... tough is more our style!

Sam and Pippen

sam said...

Glad to see you are well and back in blog land again, look forward to seeing the adventures of your animals)