Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm sick

It's suppose to be spring and here I am sick with the flu. I'm feeling quite sorry for myself but Timmy is enjoying it..every time I get out of bed he steals my tea..he such a brat..I was going to visit my horses this weekend but just did not feel up to it. My horses are doing quite well at their new home but I miss them terribly. After seeing Dante daily for 26 yrs it is hard to only see him monthly right now. I was working 2 jobs but quit one so hopefully I will have more time now.

The good news is I made my 100th sale on Etsy. It's taken awhile but I finally got there.
Usually Easter is my best selling time but this year was very slow. I got stuck at 99 sales and it didn't budge for Luna, my unicorn sold.

I thought it would be fun to make a pink unicorn with spots for a change. Now she's off to her new home. Safe travel Luna!!

I also have started sewing again. Kids are always wanting my felties but felties are too delicate to take a lot of I made up a pattern of kid friendly pets. They even have safety eyes!

I still have a few changes to make but am quite happy with the little guys..they are so soft and sweet. I think though I will take new pics of them. These ones seem quite blah compared to my green background above. I'm going to make some bears, puppies and maybe even a piggie..who knows. I need a break from felting. I was going to do some painting but seem to have a block right now...maybe later when I am feeling better..

Have a great weekend everybody!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where's Timmy??

tap,tap, tap...testing 123..this thing still working?? hang on while I blow the dust off....

Hello! I'm not sure if anyone out there is still looking at this blog but after a lloooonnnggg absence we are back! At least I am..can't find Timmy...oh well . We or I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter!!! I love Bunny Day.
I'm sure Timmy wanted to say something..he must be around here somewhere. Let me have a look around and ask some of the gang.
(yes gang, even in town I still have a funny farm gang.tee hee hee)
This is my shed. Mr B took all his stuff out and turned it over to me. He also put hydro in it.
He's a good man my MrB and I love living with him full time now.

Hey Chicken (I keep her hidden in my shed..LOL..she is a townie chicken now) have you seen Timmy? The little naked dog?? No?...okay

How about you Mr Big? Have you seen Timmy? "Yes I did and he ate my bread"...oh dear, let's move on
Juliet..have you seen Timmy? No??? Where has he gone?
How about you George? Any sign of Timmy? "yes..he came in and said I was the funniest pigeon he has ever seen" Well that's not very nice...he is one to talk, isn't he
Dust Bunny have you seen Timmy? (the Dust Bunny was adopted from the shelter in Nov. She is a lionhead rabbit and a total sweetie!) "Oh I saw him all right, he tried to eat my bread but I stopped him. Let me have a look to see if he is still in here"
"Nope..not in here but I think he ate Chicken's head off"
"My friend Mountain Dew said she saw him run into the house about an hour ago"
Well thanks for looking Dust were a great help. I guess I will go into the house and relax then..wait a second I see something.
Timmy!! What are you doing in my Tibetan Lamb Wool Blanket???
You can't hide we can all see you.. Would you like to say anything on this blog?
"Happy Easter Everyone"
"It's nice to be blogging again and Hi to all my friends"
"I have to have a nap now..I ate too much bread"
Sweet dreams Timmy.