Monday, May 26, 2008


I have finally had time to make a post! I have been very busy making felties and painting. So here are the 2 custom felties I just finished. The owner loves them!
Sunshine and Nikon and they were very fun to make.
I went to a chicken sale..big surprise...and bought a bird. Not a chicken mind you but a Kakarika. Ever heard of one? Me either!!
I have a nasty little parakeet who I thought might have a better outlook if I bought her a buddy. So meet Archie. Archie was not hand raised so he is not tame at all. I let him fly around the room where he gets into all kinds of trouble. As for the parakeet..she hates him..totally ignores him. So now I have 2 wild birds in my house.

Archie is interesting though. He can fly right up to a wall and then zoom at a90 degree angle up it. He reminds me of a jet plane. He has a HUGE appetite and is very nosey. He always tries to sneakup to see what I am doing. If I am lying in bed he likes to do this kamikaze fly by thing where he heads right for me then misses in the last second. He is very pretty with his red and blue wings. He also is very loud and I no longer need an alarm clock because he screams his head off every morning! Since he has no snooze button I am rarely late for work any more.
So Welcome Archie!!!