Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well since this blog is called Timmy and Friends I think it is time Timmy appeared again. He has been quite the diva recently and has decided not to let me take his pic anymore. Well we had a talk and he relented. So this is how Timmy keeps warm in this cold Canadian Winter.
First you put on some 4 legged PJ's. Sorry about the pics but he is being difficult.

Are these not the cutest PJ's? They are custom made for Timmy by Hatz4brats. Check out her etsy store! She also is opening an artfire store
Then you add a hat. He doesn't really wear it outside but I think it looks funny. No wonder he won't let me take his pic, I am always picking on him.

Then you add a warm winter jacket with a faux fur collar over that and off you go!

Timmy will not wear the boots I got him so after he pees and poops all over the top stair he jumps on the wooden step to keep his feet warm. Smart little guy!

Now Timmy does have alot of accidents in the house, especially during the winter. I guess having no hair makes going outside rather awful but we do our best to keep him on track.

This is Buster Peebody. Everyone says he is so ugly he is cute, but I think he is just cute. Look at those teeth and those tear stained eyes (which I wash every night) What a cutie!!! Timmy tolerates Buster, they have fights once in a while.

Finally we come to the only dog Timmy likes. His true friend FiFi. She likes to lay against him and keep him warm. She also is Buster Peebody's best friend and they play all the time. She is a purebred toy poodle who didn't know how to play, and would pee then sit in it because that was all she had known.

FiFi was a puppy mill breeder dog. 72 were seized and after 4 mths of being in the pound only 3 were left. All seniors. 2 were spoken for. Fifi was not. No one wanted her. She was skinny, only 4lbs, listed as a senior and smelly.

Well it was over Christmas time and I could not bear to think of this little dog sitting in an empty shelter all by herself. So I decided to foster her for the holidays.

Well obviously I adopted her and she is the sweetest dog you could ever meet. Now she is not took 7 mths to potty train her, she is very yappy outside, won't climb stairs and the worst part is she has TERRIBLE separation anxiety. She whines and cries and shakes if I just leave the room. Poor little thing.
The good news is she is very happy, a healthy 8lbs and about 5 yrs younger than they thought. Fifi has alot of hair that I will groom soon. I like her fluffy. She is afraid of the camera and is worried because I have her in front of me and not beside me. She usually looks happy but sometimes she remembers things and she gets scared. Look at that face..the face of a puppy mill sad

Friday, January 30, 2009


Well before holidays I was rushing around trying to get things done for a craft show. I had tons of felties and the show was a disaster. Well since then I have done painting, needlefelting or clay. I also have bad nerve damage in my right thumb which I had work on so I have to rest it anyways..Well..I was wandering through some blogs, I am quite addicted to blogs at the moment, and saw how to make a lightbox out of a clear storage tub. So I thought I would try it. Maybe it would boost my creative spirit.

It took some fussing and figuring and I still don't have it right but I like my pics alot better now. All I did was turn the box on its side. Cover it with tissue paper. Put a piece of paper I liked for a background. The put a light on either side and on top. I also fiddled with my camera and blah blah..I would show you but my craft room looks like a Micheal's store threw up in it.

So here are some examples using my felties, I guess they are off to my store tomorrow!

As you can see all the backgrounds look different. I was fiddling in photoshop, with the lights and camera settings. I think they look pretty good though, I don't like white backgrounds and Timmy loves purple it is! I think I managed to get every shade of purple all from the same background..oh well practice makes perfect.. I just love bum shots of my felties..too cute:)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well before holidays I was quite busy getting some portraits done for a client.

This couple loves their dogs very much and I was lucky enough to be the person chosen to paint them!

Their names are Trooper and Bailey and are both Pit Bulls. How cute are they!!!!Through many emails and pictures I was able to make 2 -8 x 10 paintings. I used 2-3 photos to come up with the final paintings.

I was so pleased when they received them and said I had captured their personalities in the painting. That is the greatest compliment I could ever ask for. Now only if I could learn to take better photos of my paintings :)



Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well I now have wireless highspeed at home..It is wonderful! I can get more done in less time which is great.

So I thought tonight I would introduce Pippin. He is a 6 year old Border Collie I adopted when he was only 6mths old. I drove 3 1/2hrs to pick him up.
He had been treated badly by his previous family. The little boy had tied him up and smothered him, pounded on him with hockey sticks, shot him with nerf balls while he was trying to eat etc. So he took to growling, so they would send him away to obedience where he was no trouble. After a while he bit the child in the face. I did not know all this until I got there and probably would not have adopted him because I have nieces and he was, 6 mths old and I was going to be his 5th owner.

He never liked being touched so I just left him alone but he was very devoted to me. One time when I was going through a very low time in my life we were sitting on a hill watching the sky when he leaned over and licked my cheek. It was the first time he ever had reached out to me, this poor broken dog and I had had him for over a year but never pushed..

We did obedience and agility but as he ages his aggression gets worse so know we just hang out at the farm. He is super smart but not wired properly in the head. I was told by several trainers that if I did not have him he would have to be put down.

Living with Pip is sometimes very frustrating but I try to keep him on a regular plan and he knows exactly what is expected of him. Unfortunately he has to be muzzled on occasion but it is for his own safety. He dislikes most men and has bitten a few. He also dislikes boys but will play ball or Frisbee with my nephew , when I am there of course. I always make sure there is a "safe" place for him to go to if he starts to become anxious. He always warns before doing anything and I have trained him to go the "safe" place when he gets uptight.

He will be moving to town with me which will bring it's own sort of problems, but I think if I continue to give him guidelines to live by we should be okay. I love my Pippy Boy. He has turned into a happy confident dog who loves hugs and scratches. Will roll over for a belly rub and loves a bum scratch. Timmy dislikes him, but then Timmy dislikes all dogs LOL....

So here he meet Pippin!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Busy Busy

Well things around here have been VERY BUSY!! PeeWee survived the cold weather, I think his sweater kept him warm enough even though he hated it. He spent all his time walking backwards, staring at it betwwen his legs. I also had to smear his combs and wattles with vaseline to stop frostbite. Poor PeeWee was so humiliated he just layed down and wouldn't get up! Here are some more pictures.The grinning cat is Oliver. You can see by this pic how small PeeWee is! Oliver likes the birds and the lamp they have!This is One-Eye , her crest was frozen!Here is One-Eye with my silkie rooster. He had no trouble keeping warm!.Hope these pics make you chuckle..I sure did!

Friday, January 16, 2009

PeeWee The Frozen Rooster


I have been very bad and let my blog become outdated..but it is a new year so I am back! For all of you who already know the story

here are the pictures of PeeWee..I'm on dial-up right now so I will add more later when I am on High speed..enjoy!