Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mystery - Part One

I came in the house this afternoon and found this!!!!

One of Mr B's shoes chewed up ....again....since Maggie moved in alot of shoes have been ruined. BUT who killed this one?

Well that is a big mess for such a little dog, but Buster Peebody can pull off some amazing things.

TIMMY??? No way , unless he was really hungry

"I did not do it. Mr B's feet stink way too much for me to even go near his shoes"
Well that is true so I think we can count Timmy out.

Smug Sly Smile Timmy Style...hmmmmm

Look at this messy little face..how could I ever doubt him..

Wait a minute..I see you two. Timmy!!!

Quit telling him how to do the innocent act!!

Darn..too late..they both have their "who me " faces on

We can count out FiFi because she is incapable of doing anything bad other than barking.

So that leaves Maggie and Pippin "Dum de Dum..is that a bird???"

Pippin has pooped in Mr B's shoes but not chewed them up. He'd rather suck on things...yech

This looks like the face of a guilty dog..sort of...given her past record we will just have to investigate a bit more...

stay tuned...


Mytutorlist.com said...

Ahahaha! That is QUITE the mess from one shoe! Whoever did it must have had a lot of fun with it... :P

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

How funny!