Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good News

Good news I forgot to share. We did not get ANY baby guinea pigs. YEAH!!!! Phew..that was a close one. I won't let anything like that happen again.

Also I finally finished my unicorn. She took a long time, then she sat for a while before I decided to sell her. I have yet to keep a day maybe I will make myself one..!!!! 

It took a while to get the mane implanted just right and then a while to sew all the bears in but she turned out quite pretty I think.

Finally I am going away to the USA for a week to visit my sis. We are going to a huge chicken and rabbit show. My nephew is showing his birds. Should be fun!!    But shhhhh I have not told the pack yet that I am leaving them with Mr B! I just hope everyone behaves.

Here is my nephew with one of his newest trophies.

Here is Buttons his Silkie prize winner!! Isn't she cute?

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Road Trip- Part 1

While looking for pics on my fried camera's memory card I found some of the road trip we took.
So I thought I would share..Here we go...

Happy Timmy ready to go!!!!

So excited!

He started it.

Fifi..get in the car so we can go..

And off we go and boy are we making great time. We are on the road for at least 10 min when Timmy needs a potty break.

When you gotta gotta go!

of course then Buster Peebody had to go.
 At this point we had gone only a few miles from my house yet had left over 30 min. ago.Really...

Are we there yet?
 Finally everyone settles down and 2 1/2 hrs later we arrive.

My sis's house. She lives in Illinois but this is her Ontario Canada house. It is a beautiful place just a little overgrown at the moment.

And look who is there to greet other than Toto..our long lost pack brother!!

Happy Toto
Toto then comes racing up with his new brother Atlas!

Toto says "follow me!"
 Then they run away again...

Come on!

I'm so confused
Now Timmy is confused..too follow or not to follow..hmmmmmmmmmmmmm To be continued.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Today I had to say goodbye to my sweet ferret Hansel. We had almost 11 yrs together and no matter how bad a day I was having he could always make me smile. I decided to put him to sleep before his illness made him any more uncomfortable. I'm really going to miss this little guy.