Monday, March 30, 2009


Timmy never ceases to amaze me. He is such a crafty little bugger. I had a bag of bunny (of course) shaped jube-jubes in the middle of the table. You already know where this is going:)

I leave the room for maybe 1 minute. I look about and Timmy is sitting on a chair at the table, which is nothing new. The bag was still on the table. I look down and notice Buster Peebody had a big 1/4" thick yellow bunny jube jube stuck to the roof of his mouth. He has a very bad undershot jaw so he could not dislodge it and didn't have time to claw it out of his mouth. So I removed it. When I checked the bag, which was still in the middle of the table, there was only one jube jube left. I look at Timmy and I swear he was grinning at me, but no sign of candy. I know he ate it but how he did it so fast I'll never know. He must not have chewed them....

So while I was out playing ball with my Border Collie Pippin, Buster Peebody and Timmy escaped their yard. They went into Pip's yard, through the fence and out into the stable area. Buster Peebody saw me and ran for his life back to the yard but Mr Timmy was just getting ready to have a roll in some fresh horse manure. So off to the bath he goes.

I bathe the little dogs in an old laundry tub in the basement. Timmy has demanded a spa but I am ignoring him. Timmy actually enjoys his baths unless I wash his head. I don't often do that very often.

This time I did..."hey Lady I'm naked here!!"

Obviously it does not take long to dry Timmy but I like to blow dry his head and tail because he feels the cold. Also Timmy does not run around like a maniac after a bath, he shakes twice , runs a bit then waits for me in his towel to dry him. Well my blow drier caught on fire so I had to throw it out.

Timmy is not impressed by not having a blow drier. I think he is wishing me dead in this pic.

This is a close up of his sore nose..Anyone ever seen anything like this before? It's quite swollen right now.

Finally here he is all dry (thanks to my fluff drying) with his sort of pals. He has on a nice clean , warm out of the dryer turtleneck with a warmed up blanket to lay on, which Buster Peebody is stealing. . FiFi is feeling much better now and has been seizure free. Hopefully she stays that way for a while. I can't believe she actually stayed for this picture! Buster Peebody..well he is just trying not to get into trouble...

We were also given this Fab award from Too Cute Pugs, Pearl and Daisy.

Here are the award's rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post rules on your blog.

3. Write five random things about yourself.

4. Tag random people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they've been tagged.

Hmm 5 random things...
1- I am a sugar addict but it gives me serious migraines.
2- Timmy always has to sleep on my right side.
3- I'm afraid of bears
4-Pippin chases invisible things in the air but only when I am driving a tractor.
5-My goat Jacob is the fussiest eater out of all my animals.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Thursday!!

Easter Thursday is here again. So let's get started!

I came across this artist while blogging. He uses paperclay and I think his art is awesome! I love this guys slippers!!

Bunny Boy

Cute little birdie hatching..

The Hatchling

Beautiful print for your wall.

Little Rabbit 1 - Original - Painting - Giclee - 9x12 - Stretched CanvasChatterBoxArt

Aren't these guys cute?

Just Ducky - Polymer Clay Pendant

I just want to hug this little one.



I have never seen a beeswax figure before. How unique!

Primitive Folk Art Grungy Beeswax Rabbit

Keep your egg warm for breakfast in bed!

bunny egg cosy

I want these...but my feet are a little big.

Boutique Custom Crochet Fluffy Bunny Slipper Baby Booties

I have a soft spot for pull toys.

Rabbit Pull Toy


Finally your own bunny!!

Saffron Bunny ePattern

Well that's my picks for this week. Till next time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crazy Times

It has been nutty here at the funny farm. I've been fighting an infection under my eyelid. Being on the computer annoys it so this won't be too long :)
My poor little toy poodle FiFi had a minor seizure on the weekend. She had not had one in so long I was hoping they were gone for good, but she is okay. It bothered me more than her.

My barn cat Ollie brought me a beautiful present of a goose leg. Not just any goose leg but one with a huge webbed foot bigger than his head. The bone is about 1" thick. I don't know how he carried it over the back door of the barn..but he did! The two cats are having a grand time playing with it, so as disgusting as it is I have not thrown it out......yet.
Finally Timmy has a sore nose. He has had this since I got him and it flares up every once in a while. I had a biopsy years ago but no results. It makes his nose swell, get red inside the right nostril and drip a bit. If you look at his mug shots you can see it starting. Does not seem to bother him so I don't worry...well maybe I worry a little.

Here are my new felties..I've been busy but now am going to take a break from it.

I've been counting sheep day and night! I love the blue guys pudgy face...

My Piggie!

Mr Lion with a real mink mane. Recycled of course

My newest Unicorn. She was alot of work. I added some "light" to make her more dramatic.

See you on Easter Thursday!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

To my Pug Friends

Ok Pug Lovers ..this post is for you.
As I have mentioned I love old beat up looking bears/bunnies that are worn looking..even though they are brand new. In my travels surfing the net I found a very special he is...

Circus Teacup Pug...Now how unique is that!

here's the link to the creators blog if you want to know more!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Easter Thursday!!!

Here we are again. Getting ever so closer to Bunny Day!!
So here are my 10 picks for this week....I really should quit doing this because I have ended up buying a few of my picks!

I adore these little thread bare-so loved little buns.

Peter, mini Mohair Spring and Easter pocket bunny to keep you company everywhere.

What is Easter without a sheep?

Welcome Spring with one of our Woolly Sheep Handmade on our northwest sheep farm

This is something very new and different! BTW..faux chocolate bunny so don't try to eat him!

Easter Goodie - Moss Terrarium


These are so cute!!


I came across these adorable little guys. There are so many to choose from!

Spring Chicken Pin Topper

How awesome is this guy!!!

Blue Satin Bunny Cup

Some pretty bright sachets to sweeten your home!

Tulips Sachet Assortment

Cute little bunny print!

Bunny 8x10 print


This little lady is made from paperclay. Something I am about to try!! I love the look of this little cutie!

paperclay bunny shelf sitter


How could I resist this little chick.Love how it is still half in the egg walking around!



Now before I finish you may have noticed( or not) that I did not list anything of mine. That's because...I have nothing new to show . I have been felting flocks of sheep and herds of bunnies which you have seen before. So I leave you with this picture I found on the net. Get ready to say awwwwwww!

A little baby bunny having a bath..awwwwwwwwww!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I decided to get some pics of Pippin. Poor Pippin does not get the attention he deserves because he is not an indoor dog. He comes in the house at night but must be chained to the wall because of his destructive and dirty habits. He does however get to spend time with me outside which hasn't been that much lately due to all the rain and ice. When he isn't covered in mud and gunk I bring him into my craft area where he hangs out for a few hours with the gang. Timmy HATES him so we won't let Timmy know we did this post..okay???shhhhhh

So I slept all day which is normal for me then decided at sunset to go play ball with Pip. Here are ALOT of pics to let you see how it all went.

So I go in the stable and there at the door is my shy little runt of a cat you folks have never met. I ran out of names awhile ago so her name is Kitty. She has a blue eye and a green eye. She was one of the dying kittens I took in last year. Unfortunately her sis didn't make it and Kitty has permanent damage to her blue eye from the horrible infection she had. She is timid, never leaves the barn. She would love to be a house cat and if I could find a nice quiet home I would let her go in an instant. As it stands right now she will be moving to my sis's farm with Ollie. My fiance is so allergic we can't keep them. She likes hunting mice so she might be okay..anyhoo..

We can see you hiding behind those old shovels!!

So I pet her and grab a tennis ball and head to our little top field.

Pip comes tearing up with his favourite toy. A bucket..yes a bucket..he loves his bucket. Has 2 of them actually, stole them from the goats. I refuse to throw the bucket!

"OK buckets gone...throw the damn ball already"

"I'm Superman!!!" The ball is up to the right if you look close.

" throw like a girl!"

"Look how fast I can run..Look how much hair I have...screw you Timmy"
They really don't get along
Look here comes Oliver to check out what all the excitement is all about.

The goats came to watch but can't figure out why he would waste all his time chasing a ball, bringing it back and then having me just throw it away again. The goats really don't get it.
They also don't understand golf either ..or tennis.or get the idea.

Well now that he has an audience he really starts to show off
"Throw me the Cat!!" he yells

No one's throwing Ollie!! He's out of there...

So Ollie runs away with the goats following..what a silly gang they are..

So his audience is gone but Pippin still demands"Throw me something!"

So I threw him the horse. Let's see him catch that muddy old guy!

So the game ended as the sun went down. Pippin was panting and covered with muck.

No sitting on the carpet with me tonight!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Ideas

Well I thought I better get my Etsy store plumped up with Easter stuff so I thought..hmm..what would I want to buy from me...hmmmm

Why a Timmy-bun Pocket Mirror..

I just had to put him on there. I figure I'll be giving them away to my poor family members who don't find anything cute about him but oh well..

For the rest of the world that can't see Timmy's Charm I put Tucker the amazing floating rabbit on some. I also have a cute card with polka dots featuring him in my shop.

Somehow they made it into my Thursday Easter Picks..imagine that..tee hee

Mirror Backs


I also added a HUGE purple Ballerina Buny named Violet

In some ways I find her scary..LOL

and of course a white lop bunny. He comes with a cute egg..phew..I need some time off but still have sheep orders to fill! I quess I'll be needlefelting all weekend!