Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad News

Okay..bad news time and I mean BBBAAADDDD NNNEEEWWWWSSSS

In the picture below you can see how I let my piggies visit. I put a big round pen up and put the ladies in it. Then I put the lid of a cage in the corner and put the boys in that so they can be a part of the herd but not actually IN with the girls.

See how nicely this works?? I've done it numerous times with no problems.

See ZuZu Petals talking to her son Secret?? Isn't that nice???

Well I decided the 2 boys were stinky and gave them a bath. Then I did the cage setup. I was outside watching them for quite a while and then checked on them a few times later and all was well. That was until I went out after dinner and there was Skittles, my most fav. piggie and is a BOY was in with the ladies. All 5 ladies, his mom, sisters and ZuZu Petals.

I was shocked, dismayed, upset, feeling sick, almost cried, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, nerves on get the picture.

So there is a very good possibility that I could end up with 20+ I really want to cry.

They are not like rabbits and do not breed at the drop of a hat BUT knowing my luck and knowing that Skittles is very virile, handsome and smelt very good after his bath ..I shall probably end up with babies. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that not too many will be knocked up.

I still have no idea how he got out. Good boy Secret was still in the cage. I have no idea what I will do with babies because I already kept all the surprise ones my females came with.

I already kept all the surprise Bunnies My female gave me. I never had ANY litters of anything when I lived on the farm...why is this happening now!!!

Oh well in 70 days I will know what the future holds...WWHHHAAAAAAAAA

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Many Faces of Pippin and FiFi

What do you do when it is so hot that even your hairless dog is panting??? Bring out the water hose, attach sprayer and make your Border Collie very happy ( and tire him out in the process).

"Spray Me...come on...spray me...PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE"

"I said spray me...come on..don't make me give you the stink eye"

"This is serious..if you don't spray me I will pee in your shoes and on that hairless thing you call a dog. I will now give you my most intense stare and will you to spray me"

" that a ball!!!"

This heat wave is making even my sweetest dog miserable. Hey FiFi..are you hot?

"Hey Jennifer, are you stupid???Don't you spray me with that thing"

"If I ignore her maybe she will go away"

"nope..she is still here..I will give her my new look that Timmy taught me...The stink eye"

"Be gone evil woman and take that blasted hose with you. I stink eye you!!"

OK then...she must be hot...

Monday, July 18, 2011

New Love

I've owned a lot of different animals over the years but these guys have won me over!! I don't know why I didn't get one or errrrr seven ...years ago!!!

Meet the PIGS..guinea pigs to be exact.

In this mass of fur there are 7 guinea pigs. Did I want 7 guinea pigs....nooooooo, but here they are!

I went to a chicken sale and as anyone knows who has followed this blog I should never go to those things. I had decided that I wanted 2 guinea pigs. Where I keep my horse there are 2 awesome piggies and I just had to get one or two or seven.

So I picked out a cute one and since they were 2 for $5 I also picked her out a friend.

They were both girls and both 3 mths. old. I said the the guy selling them "there isn't any chance of them being pregnant is there?" and of course he said no way they are too young.

So I felt pretty safe and brought them home. They were soooo cute but the one named Jellybean kept getting fatter so I finally had to admit she was knocked up. I kept flipping the other one I named ZuZu Petals upside down to check her "privates" to make sure she was a she. I think it gave her a complex.

So I checked out all the facts on the Internet and sure enough, just like it said, exactly 2 months after the sale Jellybean gave birth to 4 babies. I was sooo excited. They were amazing, eyes open..running around. Luckily I had separated ZuZu Petals and Jellybean a few days before but ZuZu Petals wasn't getting much attention because of the new babies. That was until I was feeding them and a baby ran out of ZuZu Petals house. I didn't even know she was preggars because she always kept her girlish figure. Jellybean on the other hand was HUGE You could sit her up like a dog begging and she couldn't budge because her baby belly would settle in around her. He was a little older than Jellybean's kids and looked very healthy. I named him Secret.

Unfortunately Jellybean had 2 runts. One was just small and I named her Jello, because I like Jello, but the other had a crooked head and gimpy hind leg. I named her Sprout. When I came back from work on day 2 I found the sickly runt Sprout rejected in a corner of the cage all by super owner jumped into action and gave her to ZuZu Petals. After all her boy Secret would do better with a sibling. She basically sniffed her once and then tucked her into her hair and that was that. She thrived with her new mommy and all was well in the piggie world.

So here are some pics..more to come of course as I introduce you to the gang...and yes I kept all 7 of them!!.ZuZu Petals, Jellybean, Sprout, Skittles, Secret, Bean and Jello.

Here is Mama Jellybean. She is a sweet piggie who loves her treats. Very easy to handle and gets along with everybody. She is a little camera shy but has scruffy tri coloured hair.

This shot has Jellybean's butt on the left, then Bossy Bean in the center and little Sprout on the right. Jello is behind them with her belly bandage on but that's another story.

This is ZuZu Petals. She is red and white and has long back hair that I comb all the time. She is super friendly and talks to me all the time.

Here she is talking with her son Secret.

They are so cute with their fluffy hair and floppy ears and I love how they sing like a little choir of angels. Well maybe not angels but they are sweet!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review

I read ALOT..thank goodness for the library..I am a constant visitor there. So I thought I might start sharing some of my fav. reads of the moment.

I just finished reading "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton and it was one of the best reads I have had in a long time. It's a big book, 500+ pages and has an awesome cast of characters. The story twists and weaves and just when you think you have it all figured out another "bomb" drops and everything changes. I love her descriptive writing style and she has become one of my fav. authors. Here is a short write up on the book.

"Edie Burchill and her mother have never been close, but when a long lost letter arrives one Sunday afternoon with the return address of Millderhurst Castle, Kent, printed on its envelope, Edie begins to suspect that her mother’s emotional distance masks an old secret.

Evacuated from London as a thirteen year old girl, Edie’s mother is chosen by the mysterious Juniper Blythe, and taken to live at Millderhurst Castle with the Blythe family: Juniper, her twin sisters and their father, Raymond.
In the grand and glorious Millderhurst Castle, a new world opens up for Edie’s mother. She discovers the joys of books and fantasy and writing, but also, ultimately, the dangers.

Fifty years later, as Edie chases the answers to her mother’s riddle, she, too, is drawn to Millderhurst Castle and the eccentric Sisters Blythe. Old ladies now, the three still live together, the twins nursing Juniper, whose abandonment by her fiancĂ© in 1941 plunged her into madness.

Inside the decaying castle, Edie begins to unravel her mother’s past. But there are other secrets hidden in the stones of Millderhurst Castle, and Edie is about to learn more than she expected. The truth of what happened in the distant hours has been waiting a long time for someone to find it . . . "

I am one of those people who always end up jumping to the end of a book to see if I was right because I get bored of the story. Never happened with this book. So if you like historical books with a twist and turn..try this one out!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


It has been a year since I posted about Maggie.

Even though she is all grown up some things never change.

THEN: Chewing sticks

NOW: Chewing sticks

THEN: Looking for trouble

NOW: Looking for trouble

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hansel is my ferret and is a total sweetheart.

Since he was never descented he is quite stinky but I don't care . The weather was nice today so I decided to bring him outside. As you can see he is not in the best of shape but he is going on 10 yrs old and has cancer so please overlook it :)

The cancer has caused his hair to fall out so now I have a hairless dog and a hairless ferret. Most of my animals are old now so I am constantly worried about their problems.Except for Buster Peebody, he is a young 7yrs old and the baby of my pack.

He has always loved Hansel and they use to play together but now Hansel gets tired very quickly and sleeps alot.

Hansel waking up from his nap.

Buster loves anything stinky so when he found a ferret poop in the grass he just had to roll in it. I will spare you the sight of that pic..

See what happens when you roll in dirty things??? Stinky dogs get baths..poor Buster Peebody, he does love to smell bad..oh well....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here we go again!

Hello out there!!

We have a new computer!!! It is fast, portable and did I say fast???

So I can blog again. My old computer was taking 1/2 hour just to check emails so blogging was impossible but here we are new and improved!!

Timmy is still going strong and was enjoying a sunny day.

This is what happens to your eyes when you dig around in a shed and try to eat rabbit poop.

Bad Timmy.

Timmy is getting quite senile but is still very active.

As you can see he has a few lumps on him. On a hairless dog they show up quite well.

Well that's it for now but we have lots of stories to tell and new friends for you to meet!