Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little FiFi

The last little while I have been noticing that FiFi has been a little "off". Not her usual peppy poodle self. I thought it could just have been the heat but then the little cough started. Just once or twice during the night last week.

So I thought..oh oh..heart..then the three little weasels (as I call them) were sleeping soundly beside each other. I noticed Fifi was taking almost 3 breaths to Buster Peebodys 1. So yesterday morning she was kind of puffing I phoned the vet.

Now I don't have a vet here in town but it just so happens I found my most fav. vet ever opened shop 15 min. needless to say I was happy.
Fifi has only had a vet call once in 8yrs. She is a healthy girl...but...after an examination, and chest xrays..sure enough I was right.

Sometimes I hate being right. She has a grade 4 heart murmer, fluid builup around the heart and her heart is slightly enlarged.  So now she is on "water pills" to get rid of the fluid and 2 different heart pills to help get things working better.

The vet was surprised that I noticed the signs because they were so subtle..but we all know our dogs, don't we!!!! The good news is for an old girl her joints look great, few signs of any arthritis. BUT she needs to lose a pound, She has always been around 8-9ilbs and now she is 9.8 lbs..YIKES!! Now I'm just waiting for the blood results ,I have a feeling I know something is going to show up there. I hope I'm wrong.

Anyhoo she enjoyed the visit, poor Mr B had to foot the bill and I think I am going to need another job to keep these dogs in meds...oh well....we all get old at some point. Don't worry though, she is still her happy little self and should feel better soon.

Turn off the flash crazy are going to give me a heart attack and I am NOT fat, just fluffy!!!
So no new bill instead. Here are the sort of shots you can expect to see from my vintage digital camera.

Wait a sec...what do you mean no new camera..You mean I am going to look like this is all the pics now!!!
Yes Timmy, no new camera. Fifi is more important than taking pics of you without flash eyes. You may have noticed Timmy's new "do". He wanted a more youthful look so he cut off his long fu man chu whiskers.
Loving my new look..I look 10 yrs younger. I call it the "bieb look"
Yes Timmy for a 200yr old dog you do look younger. BTW the vet remembers you and can't wait to see you!! Isn't that nice? 

Me??? Go to a vet??? Forget the stink eye..your getting a raspberry with a flash eye!!! I intend to cost you a fortune if you make me go there.

Second job here I come...sigh

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Talking Dog

Another AWESOME matter how many times I see it , it never gets old.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dancing Chihuahua

I just love this video. This little guy even wiggles his hips and kicks his toes out. LOVE IT!!!!

Crafty Stuff

Well I still do my crafty stuff so I thought I would share my newest things with you. I bought a sewing machine so I have also added sewn items to my shop. 

So here come the felties!!
Mr Fat Cat

Mr Zebra
2 wee mice

Cute Lop Bunny

Inky the Black Halloween Cat

Also a few of my little pouches.

Little Striped Pouch

Little Cherry Pouch

Finally Mr Owl Pouch

and best of all, every item is Timmy Approved!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Blog Hop

Let's go to the hop...oh baby..let's go to the hop..sing along everyone!!! OOPPPSS we made it in twice. Good Timmy and Bad

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I fried my camera

I plugged my camera into the wrong adaptor and fried it. I bought this camera 11 yrs ago when digital was pretty new and it never gave me one bad shot..and I killed it. I have all the fancy dancy lenses to go with it but no I am sad and my future pictures will look like crap....I am going to go cry now. If any of you have suggestions on any cameras you have and love, please let me know.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tutorial : How to wash a Guinea Pig

Step 1: Find a stinky smelly Guinea Pig or two if they happen to be walking by.

These 2 smell like prime candidates. Skittles and boys.

Secret even looks like a skunk so that might explain the odour.
" Your butt smells..if that is your butt..where is your head??"


Step 2: Carry your piggies safely to the washing area

"I can't believe she threw us in a bucket. I still can't tell which end is your head and which is your butt"
Skittles tends to be a little outspoken.

Step 3: Place you piggies gently in the tub

"You call this a tub??? It's a ratty ole laundry basin. You said we were going to the spa!!!"

Step 4: Wet the piggies

" Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain...I like this part..come on Secret ..join in"

Step 5: Lather your piggies with a gentle diluted shampoo

" Ha Ha Secret looks like the hair you pull out of the drain!!"

Step 5: Rinse, pat dry and put oven temperature to 350 degrees
NOT FUNNY TIMMY...GET OFF THIS POST..geeeezzz cheeky little bugger..

Step 5: Let the piggies dry off in a warm spot

Poor Secret..he is really annoyed with me. Look at that stink eye.

 " Dang..I look fine even when I am wet!"

Step 6: Comb the hair

" Look ladies...I have the perfect piggie profile"

" How adorable am I..bring on the hoochie mamas..I feel like dancin!!!!"

Okay Skittles, enough out of you. Poor Secret has gone into hiding he is so embarrassed by Skittles.

This ends our tutorial on how to wash a Guinea Pig or two.

PS..Right after this tutorial was filmed Skittles escaped into the pen with the ladies. We will know the results of his..errrrr....dancing in about 70 days.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Mystery-Part 2

So I found this mess in the front room the other day.

Timmy and FiFi have been let off after questioning, but Buster Peebody is still a suspect.

"I did nothing wrong. I have a Lawyer"

Oh we go..Timmy you cannot be his lawyer. You were a suspect.

"My client is a lot of things, like an idiot, but not a shoe killer and if anything he needs help for hoarding. His OCD causes many problems and his hoarding does not allow him time to be destructive as the evidence will show...

Court evidence #1"
"Many hoarded toys..which were stolen from other dogs by the way....but no chewed up parts.."

Court evidence #2

"Look how he treasures his stolen toys..there is no way my client did this"

"Maggie did it!!!!" How do you know this Timmy.."well just look.."

Court Evidence #3

Well I guess this mystery has been solved. Maggie do you have anything to say for yourself'?

"Sure, why didn't you just ask me in the first place. I love chewing Mr B's shoes. This is my 4th pair!!!" Court dismissed. Timmy wins again...sigh

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Mystery - Part One

I came in the house this afternoon and found this!!!!

One of Mr B's shoes chewed up ....again....since Maggie moved in alot of shoes have been ruined. BUT who killed this one?

Well that is a big mess for such a little dog, but Buster Peebody can pull off some amazing things.

TIMMY??? No way , unless he was really hungry

"I did not do it. Mr B's feet stink way too much for me to even go near his shoes"
Well that is true so I think we can count Timmy out.

Smug Sly Smile Timmy Style...hmmmmm

Look at this messy little could I ever doubt him..

Wait a minute..I see you two. Timmy!!!

Quit telling him how to do the innocent act!!

Darn..too late..they both have their "who me " faces on

We can count out FiFi because she is incapable of doing anything bad other than barking.

So that leaves Maggie and Pippin "Dum de that a bird???"

Pippin has pooped in Mr B's shoes but not chewed them up. He'd rather suck on things...yech

This looks like the face of a guilty dog..sort of...given her past record we will just have to investigate a bit more...

stay tuned...