Sunday, May 31, 2009

Timmy Again

Timmy has been in rehab and as soon as he heard I was ill he rushed home. He knows when I am sick there will be lots of tea to steal. So while we were chatting it slipped that he was only at rehab a few days. Due to his poor behaviour and temper tantrums they called in Jo the Supernanny..

They felt that since he was acting like a child they would bring in a nanny.

Long story short here is a pic they took of Timmy right before he bit her finger.

I only had to take one look at his expression to know what was he was kicked out..Timmy has been traveling since them and plans to show me the pics as they get developed..hmmmm

So he asked if I had seen him on TV with the Queen lately..HUH????

Here he is on the plane on his way to England.

Here he is hanging with "lizze and phil" at the races..he says "Lizzie" makes the best tea!!

He even wore his tie to the meeting with the I missed this on the television coverage is beyond me! The queen finds his fashion sense helpful.

Finally here was the group shot of all the dignitaries and if you look closely you will see Timmy sitting on the queen's lap..just click on it to get the larger pic....Unbelievable..I am almost afraid to find out where else he has been. I'll keep you posted!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fave Thursday

Well I'm back..after posting about swine flu I get sick with a flu bug for 2 weeks. Now I have pink eye and my eye swelled sooo huge it looked like I had been bitten by something. At work now I have 2 computers to stare at all day. We have done a merger of sorts with another company so we are very busy which is a good thing! After looking at 2 screens all day though I don't feel like going home and blogging..I have just been going to favourite bed.

Since it is Fave Thursday I am doing a post about Beds..we all have them!!

A photo print of a bed. Makes me want to crawl right in and take a nap.

Slippers to keep my feet toasty warm!
A happy cheerful mug to hold my tea..

An amazing comforter..icelandic sheepskin...real...
Cheerful pillows to make this sick person feel better

A beautiful oil painting to gaze at.

Flucket time release heat bag. Ahhh put one of these on the back of my neck and just Flucket!

New jammies for Timmy to make him look more like a monkey which in turn will make me laugh!

A lavender sheet spray..having a dog like Buster Peebody in my bed and sometimes a ferret, my sheets need a spray once in a while!!

I'm off to bed...TTFN

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fave Things Thursday

It has not been a good week here at the funny farm. I slammed my right hand which already has nerve damage in my hay shed door...ouch just does not cover it...typing with my left hand is rather awkward too! My sis can no longer take my horses to live with her, so now I have to find an affordable place to keep them or I can't move out AND I gave my goats away to a new home. That was hard ..very hard..but I am going to see them on Sunday so that should cheer me up I'm sure!

All the news wants to talk about right now is Swine Flu or excuse me H1N1 virus. I know it is a serious thing but I really feel the media is over doing always..In Alberta (a province in Canada) a farm worker who came back from Mexico on vacation infected the 200 pigs that are at the farm. Pigs don't die from the flu, they just get symptoms then get over it. So rather than kill every pig in sight they just quarantined the pigs..and the man..which I thought for once was a good move.

I love pigs..they are smart, clean and very in honor of all the pigs getting a bad rap right now I dedicate my Fave day to them
This is an amazing hand carved piece of art made from basswood. Check out the link to get close ups of this, it really is amazing!
Here we have a cute little pig made from a recycled sweater. Very Cute!!!!
I think these two piggies would look great hanging as an ornament. Check out this stores dog carvings too..awesome work!
I always have to have a piece of jewelry in my picks. I love this pendant, it has a 3D feel to it!
A happy pink pig made from poplar wood. What kid wouldn't love this toy?
I found this adorable print of a piggie. Love the expression!

This little pig makes me smile! Another recycled sweater creation!

Here is a pine hand painted pig. I love the fact that it is blue!

This is a Piggie Blankie with a head!! Other cute animals available in the Bunnies!!!

Finally a little stoneware piggie. There are lots of other styles in the shop but this was my fave!!
Well thats it for this week. Hope you like my fave picks!