Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Timmy's Story

Hello again. Today is about Timmy. Now don't get me wrong, I do not love him any more than any of the others , just in a different way. Each pet holds a special piece of my heart and Timmy is ...well...unique.

Quite a few years ago I was looking for a poodle since my old fellow Sid had to be put to sleep. So I went to the local SPCA quite often but could not find the right dog for me. So one day I go in and they say they have an apricot Mini poodle but he had already been adopted so as I started to leave they said "he is being housed with a hairless if you are interested".

So I thought..why not.. and took a look. Well the poodle was all over me, as poodles tend to be but there was no sign of the hairless. Then I saw the blankets on the floor move and out comes this funny looking dog in a green tartan coat.

So we spoke for awhile and he finally came over to sit with me for about a minute, then crawled back under his blankets. Apparently I was not his type!

So I asked for any history on him and here was the story...He was found in a house/shack abandoned with quite a few other dogs. Most had died and the remaining ones were living off them to survive. Only 4 made it out alive..a yorkie, a lab, a wolfhound and a hairless. They were in pretty bad shape and needed care but were soon put up for adoption. All four were adopted out but one was returned. Four hours later. Seems the hairless bit the lady that adopted him, bit the vet then bit the kids. So a no kids home was best for him. They had featured him on a TV show but no one wanted him.

Well I have nieces and a nephew that visit all the time and already have one unreliable dog so I had to pass him up. Well I couldn't get this aloof little dog out of my head. So I did some research on the breed and liked what I read. I figured that I don't have kids, so if I just put him away when visitors come over all would be well.

So it was a long weekend and I had to wait till the Tues. to call about him. Yes he was still there..no they could not hold him. So I left work and went to adopt the hairless then know as Noah..as in No Ah Hair! I walked into the pen and NO DOG, so I grabbed a worker and said the Hairless was gone..was he adopted finally? I felt crushed..So she went in to check and he was there, lumped under the blankets. Totally uninterested in the world.

So I adopted him under the reasoning it was near my birthday and I deserved a gift..so I brought him home and named him Timmy...little did I know how much of a gift this dog would be.
That's how we came to be and I will post more about the homecoming in
another post.

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SquirrelGurl said...

What a wonderful story!

He's such a cute doggie!