Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Day

Well it is finally warming up here and Timmy will finally walk outside on his own. I guess when you are hairless winter is not a very good time of the year. It is so nice not having to dress him in his winter coats and carry him everywhere. He seems to have remembered that he has legs and they actually work. So sunbathing is the sport of the moment.

He refused to stand up for some pictures and kept showing off his wanker, he really has no shame. So to embarrass him I posted it. Naughty Timmy!

He has a rash/dry skin running from his hip right down his entire leg. Hairless dogs seem to have alot of skin problems. I have tried every cream out there and any suggestions would be appreciated. He has pimples and blackheads everywhere then this big patch of dry, red crinkly skin. This is Timmy in the morning before I fix his hair. Talk about bed head!

I did buy an all natural spray with Tea Tree Oil etc. and it has helped a bit. At least he has quick licking it! I guess a season of heavy clothing will dry out anyones skin! Hairless dogs need special skin treatment so buyers beware..they are alot of work. He has to have alot of bathes, alot of moisturizer and sunscreen all summer. His wardrobe takes up an entire drawer in my dresser and I have come to realize he is a better dresser than myself. He has enough "bling" collars to make any dog jealous. Hopefully I can get some pictures of him modeling instead of lounging!


erinpetersonart said...

Ha ha! Love Timmy and Hansel!

Tammy said...

I'm in love with him. He is tooo Cute!

Rosebud Collection said...

Between Timmy and the Howard blog, I am really enjoying myself..

Jennifer said...

Isn't howard great..the pics are so cute

Femme Details said...

Timmy is so lovely!!!