Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring is in the Air!!

Well things are a little crazy here at the funny farm! I assume it's because Spring is in the air!

We are holding a baby shower for my sister this weekend and my Border Collie Pippin got a hold of the big bag of diapers I bought and tore them all up. He also demolished my toilet paper and paper towels. That's what I get for forgetting to put things away...but I was MAD!! He really is a brat.

Buster Peebody dragged out some of the wool I use for crafting and had it thrown about everywhere in my bedroom. Now all the pretty colors are mixed up..sigh..He also got into Hansel's (the ferret)cage and rolled in his litter box...sigh again. So last night Buster had a bath. He really did need one though since he still smelled rather ripe from the dead frog he rolled in at my sis's farm. Buster is a 1/2 poodle, 1/2 Brussels Griffion. He has terrible teeth and I think he is going to cost me alot of money for dental work. I bought him on impulse at a chicken auction. Seems I buy alot of animals on impulse at chicken sales.. He was so ugly he was cute. So I waited till the end of the day and haggled his price down to almost nothing. He grew into a short, fat , thick dog but his personality is very sweet. He just likes to smell bad.

Finally my goats got loose and ate all my neighbours Tulips. Of course they left the stems and leaves behind so it was even more noticeable. Whoever said goats will eat anything must have never owned one because my 3 are so finicky they turn their noses up at everything.. My brother is my neighbour and his daughter considers one of the goats to be her cousin, so I didn't get yelled at too much.

This is Lily, my nieces cousin! LOL.

Behind her is Aldante my horse. He is probably wondering where all the little apples went. I think Lily knows!

One of my goats is named Percival, Percy for short. He adopted me many years ago. He just moved in one day from another farm and refused to go home. They would take him back and he would just return again. So I let him stay. He is a large black and white goat. Must be around 10 yrs. old now. He is the most annoying of the three and the smartest

This is Percy and Lily when she was just a little girl!

This is Lily-Belle when I bought her. As you can see her mouth is always full of something! Her figure shows that her eating habits are grand.

I bought her at auction. She had badly infected ears and mouth but she came through it all with flying colors.


She has spikey sharp horns and knows how to use them. She is short and fat and always looks pregnant.

Finally there is Jacob. I got him at a auction as a newborn. I bottle fed him till he was a big boy.

He is the most placid of the three and is very gentle. I had him neutered as a baby and he grew quite large. He is almost as tall as my pony and has the most impressive rack of horns I have seen on a goat. He spends alot of time scratching his back with them. He just loves Lily. There have been others but they have all passed on so now I am down to this little bunch.

They are a pack of trouble but fun.
So I hope these guys smarten up for next week or it will be off to reform school for the bunch of them!
Have a great weekend!

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SquirrelGurl said...

You goats are adorable! My aunt used to have a pygmy goat named Misty that my cousins and I would walk on a leash...

She would also escape her pasture and chase bicyclists and runners.