Monday, April 7, 2008

My Weekend

Well it was a beautiful weekend in our area so I made the most of it by working in the yard and barn area. Getting the yards cleaned up in the spring is always a big job.

I also did some barn work and decided to clean out 2 of my chickens. They have to be kept by themselves because one is blind and one is a cripple. They were attacked by a raccoon at another farm and I nursed them back to health.
So to clean the pen I had to put them out in the alleyway of the stable.

The blind one started to get scared so she walked in little tight circles until she gently bumped into something and then just stood there. So her crippled friend started to cluck very softly until the blind one found her and the she hobbled away , leading her friend to a patch of sun to bathe in. I thought it was so wonderful. People always say how stupid birds are but these two actually depend on each other. Sometimes the crippled bird will push against the blind one to get up and her friend always stays still for her.

Once finished there I checked my email and found out my Timmy, the chinese hairless crested dog had been chosen to model a collar for a wonderful online store He is going to model a special occasion collar and I get to take the photos. We are both very excited and have been giving him different hairstyles to see which look is best. I like a side part on him..LOL

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to paint 2 portraits by a very lovely lady. One is of her horse and one is of her cat and dog. These animals are beautiful and I can't wait to get going on these. I will post updates as I work. If you would like to see the dog, check out his blog His name is Stormy and he is a gorgeous sheltie.

Also check out this blog
There are the cutest baby goat pictures EVER there.
Well that's about it for the weekend. Have a great day.

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I realize now that I have just gone through and read all of your posts. I feel like such a stalker, but I really like animals too so your blog is perfect for me!

I once had a crooked-necked chicken named Fifoo. She was really, really smart and tame because we had to take her inside all the time to keep her from the roosters (which would pick on her and eat all her food). I always correct people now when they say that chickens are dumb, because they're really not.