Friday, April 11, 2008

Timmy: The saga continues

So here we go..

So Timmy is home but will not interact with the other dogs or animals at all. In fact he will hardly interact with me. He seemed to know Timmy was his name though. I guess he liked it. He grew quite ill within a few days so I rushed him to the vet. He was full of different parasites. Even though the shelter had wormed him he was still sick from them. He also had a lump on his neck and a weird thing going on with his nose. The nose was constantly swollen and blood red inside the nostrils. So as soon as he was feeling better he went for surgery. He had the lump removed and 2 biopsies done. The tests were all negative. The nose is still a mystery and flares up every now and then.

While he was recovering at the vets they phoned me and said I had better come over. It seems he was sitting in the cage, head down, dejected..totally not responding to anything they did. What I saw was a sad little dog who had finally given up on people, his back was to the cage door his head hanging. I went to the cage and gently said "Timmy..I'm here" and the change was instant. He spun around and hopped about and when I took him out he pranced on his leash. I guess he thought he had been abandoned again.

Its took 1 1/2 yrs for Timmy to finally play with me and another 6mths before he would play a bit with the other dogs. He knew all about putting sweaters on, being groomed and apartment living. He knew to wait at the elevator door, use the balcony etc. Along the road someone must have loved him very much. Every time we walked by a senior lady he would get all happy and animated. I assumed from this it was probably a senior lady that had loved him first. How he ended up in that shack is a mystery to me. He was already neutered so he couldn't be used for breeding. A few of my friends said that he probably would be better off as an only dog with a senior but I was too in love with the little guy to give him up. He just needed time to trust me.

Now he dances when he sees me, sleeps with me, howls for me when I'm not there. He never bit a child again . Once he figured out they drop food he was their constant shadow! He is still a loner but will allow my poodle Fifi to cuddle up beside him once in a while. I'm not sure how old he was when I got him but he is starting to show signs of aging. He has become VERY spoiled and likes to be carried and pampered. Likes to have his photo taken. He has his spots where he sits and sleeps and will not let the other animals use them and he loves food..all food..fresh vegetables and fruit most of all. His fav. treat is Chicken Chow Mein..loves the bean sprouts.

So that is the Timmy story and it will have a happy ending because I will never allow him to suffer again in his life.
He is a survivor and a fighter..he is my Timmy.


Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute dog and he is so lucky to have you...I wouldn't give him up either.

Jennifer said...

Thanks..I'm so glad I kept him

Tammy said...

Awe that story brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet lady you are to take him in and show him the love that he so desparately needs. His picture is so sad and adorable at the same time.


Valerie said...

Awh Timmy looks so cute too =D Good thing you kept him, he rocks ! said...

Poor Timmy! Wow, you rescue a lot of animals. I'm your new fan club!!!

I would rescue animals all the time too if I could, but I'm ALLERGIC!!! What are the chances? (Why, God? Why me!?!)