Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Ferret Felties

Well I finished a custom order of 2 Ferrets and I thought I would share.
They were of Tyke and Tanner, 2 very cute ferrets!
Tyke is no longer with us but is lovingly remembered by his mom. Tanner is a little stocky fellow who I was told has a heart of gold:)

Here are some pictures of the felties I made to represent them.

They were needlefelted from all natural colored wool and are about 3-4" long.

The new owner seems quite pleased with them and one of her ferrets, Bean, stole one and it took an hour of searching to find it! Needlefelting is the art of making sculptures from wool. You use a barbed needle and stab a ball of raw wool until it starts to felt. I find it very relaxing and really enjoy doing it. One thing though, if you decide to try this craft , watch your fingers! Those needles are SHARP!


Rosebud Collection said...

At first I thought they were real.
You did a wonderful job..I remember someone doing needlefelting, it is really interesting.

Anonymous said...

I agree with rosebud's comment I thought they were real - wow amazing work!
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Jennifer said...

The 2 at the top are real! They were the models for the felties!