Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post for the year

 It has been a tough December. Thanks to everyone for their support. Losing Fifi right before Christmas was hard. I still can't get use to my shadow not being at my side or her yappy greetings whenever I came home. The house is so quiet, even Mr B says he misses her. But there were other worries to occupy my mind..mainly Buster Peebody. He has never been without Fifi and she was his best friend. They played, slept together and she was the brave one. He kept looking for her for a while and was very sad.

poor sad Buster
 He just layed around but seems to be perking up now. I am giving him LOTS of attention and cuddles.

I know how you feel Buster
Even Pippin was low which is hard for a Border Collie.

 Timmy on the other hand didn't really notice. He is going to be very angry at me for posting these pics .

OH NO she got a new picture box!
Mr B decided a new camera for xmas might take my mind of things and gave me an awesome little nikon Coolpix 500. It can be totally auto or manual. So until I get my new SLR I can still try to learn manual settings. Not yet though. I have to get use to it first.

Hah..I'll show her!
Timmy on this particular day was being very bad. He had pooped on the floor so he got in trouble. Then I thought "oh no..what if he is like Fi and this is his last day?" So I went to make amends but he was busy drinking the tea out of my mug. He really does not care if he gets into trouble. Afterwards he rubbed his bare butt all over my pillow to get back at me. 

Hangover maybe???
 Timmy seems to be aging rapidly which worries me. His tongue has started to hang out and he never combs his hair anymore. Buster Peebody is trying to be buddies with him so Timmy uses him as a heater of sorts. Whatever works for them. 

Anyhoo last month Timmy became ill, I didn't mention it because I didn't want my blog to be so depressing. Working great for me this month. 

So he had a bunch of tests done and found a bunch of things wrong. The main reason he was ill though was due to a very nasty infection in a very delicate area. Only Timmy could get an infected wang cover. You know you love your dog when you rinse his wang off 3 times a day. So he was on meds forever and seemed better until 3 days ago. Once again the infection was back.

 So we went to the vet again to get drugs but we can't figure out the root of the infection. Also he was in a lot of pain and crying out. For the first time in 8 years he didn't finish his dinner so I knew it was serious.

We thought he had a blockage because he went into my purse and I found individual wrapped life savers on the floor. So I assumed he had swallowed them whole . So I was prepared to put him down and was trying to be brave but the vet assured me he didn't seem to have belly pain..whew..but why is he crying out..maybe when he fell UP the stairs 3 times or when Buster Peebody pushed him off the bed he hurt himself? Who knows but they think his back is going which is probably why he walks with a hump in the middle and moves kinda like a crab outside..Timmy can't even be sick like a normal dog. If I wasn't so worried I would find all of this very typical for Timmy.

So since this really is his blog, his story, I felt I should update you folks on Timmy because I have not mentioned him lately. He has to get his liver checked out but until this infection goes away we can't do much. The vet was concerned because he has lost weight but Buster Peebody and Timmy quit eating well after Fifi passed. They still won't eat their morning kibble. 

So he is on antibiotics, supplements, fancy schmancy food and I am giving him pain meds even though the vet was worried it would hurt his liver. I'd rather he be comfortable now. The vet also said he should be blind because his cataracts are so bad but he still sees things. I thought he was going crazy, standing at the wall instead of the door to come in but it's because he can't see well. I don't know which is worse. 

I'm sick
 So I'm hoping  he will be fine, here is a pic from energy except when I fed him prime rib.
 So I am going to be glad to see the end of this year.
 Lots of great things happened but this month has been awful. 
So please send Timmy some healing thoughts , he would like that.

I hope you all have a great big happy and shiny New Year !!!!


Stewey said...

So sorry to hear about Timmy - I've got my paws crossed for him.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

It is difficult when our little loves are sick. I'll keep Timmy in my thoughts.

Let's hope the New Year is better for all of us!

Kathleen Coy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Fifi, and now poor little Timmy not feeling well. I'm hoping things get better, soon. Thinking of you guys...