Friday, December 16, 2011

Shows- Part 3

Today we will have a lesson in different chicken breeds, there are a few I don't know so if you recognize them speak up.. Most of the pictures are of roosters because as with most birds the roos are more impressive.These are the last of the chicken pictures. I'm sure you are giving a sigh of relief, but I still have TONS of waterfowl and rabbits and even a few cats!

Standard Black Cochin Rooster
This is a BIG bird. They are very placid by nature and very popular. There are 2 sizes. Standard (large) and Bantam (small). Cochins come in both sizes and many colours. I like them and use to own a big fellow like this guy.

Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam Rooster
 These little guys are really cute with their beards and red colours.

Porcelain d'Uccle Booted Bearded bantam Rooster
These little guys are well known for their beautiful colours and long feathered feet.

Standard Leghorn Rooster
The leghorn is the egg layer used in factory farming. Pretty boy.

 There are also different combs on chickens. This black fellow has a single comb. The comb is the red thingy on their head.

Sicilian Buttercup comb
If you look carefully you will see that this guy's comb is like a flower. It has 2 sides and opens up.

Black Bantam Rose comb
The rose comb looks like a little robin hood hat!

Sweet Bantam Rose Comb Hen
I think this hen is as pretty as the rooster.

Bantam Silver Laced Sebright

Bantam Silver Laced Sebright Hen

The Sebright comes in different colours but I like these the best. They have a rose comb and are different from all other chickens in that the males and females exactly the same feathering.

These two are also bantams and have the rose comb but I can't remember what breed they are. They are pretty though.

Bantam Rooster
Not sure what breed this little guy is but he is really showy!

Sumatra Rooster-Standard
The Sumatra breed is rare. Their tails grow quite long and they carry themselves quite proudly. They closely resemble their ancestors the jungle fowl. They have a pea looks like a wad of red gum stuck to their heads. They also have multiple spurs (extra spikes) on their legs. Like the silkie they have black skin and black bones.

Yokohama Rooster
This is another rare bird. The Yokohama. They have a walnut comb and have very long plumage. I wish I had taken more pics of the sumatras and this guy. They are so elegant.

Game Breed
These chickens are really interesting. They have llloooonnnggg legs and some of the roosters have their combs dubbed for showing. Dubbed is a nice way of saying they cut the comb off. Ouch. Fighting birds always have their combs removed so the other rooster can't grab hold of it. These birds are not used for fighting but it is similar to docking a dogs tail.

I think they look like they are standing on stilts. They were very interested in everything going on around them and were always sticking their heads in the camera

The people behind us dyed their birds with food colouring and they sold more silkies for more money than most. It does not bother the birds. The pink one looks like cotton candy!

Finally my fave of the show. This hen was so curious about me and the camera. I have a ton of great pics of her but leave you with 2 of the funnier ones. This is a Cornish game hen. The little guys you see in the supermarket. They have the thickest legs I've seen on a bird.

Cornish Game Hen

Who is watching who????
I hope you enjoyed my little lesson. Next time we have Ducks and Geese..


dellartist said...

So interesting. My mom raised chickens when I was a child, but nothing so exotic as you have pictured here. I especially like the big Cochin rooster, which you describe as placid. Good. Placid sounds good. I remember being chased by roosters as a child. Thanks for sharing, this is a fascinating post.

Kathleen Coy said...

Good to see you blogging! Great chicken photos, I love the diversity of breeds. Chickens are so neat, we had Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds when I was growing up.

Rosebud Collection said...

I am shocked at all these breeds..Funny how we never really realize there are so many..I guess it is because we just see a few and think no more about it..Wonderful pictures and another good lesson in Chickens..cute little devils..

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I have enjoyed your chicken photos so much! I have a dear friend who raises and shows sebrights. My husband used to raise Rhode Island reds.