Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Timmy update!

After 2 weeks of waiting I finally got Fifi's ashes back. I put a sculpture of a little black poodle on top of the box and for some odd reason find it comforting having her back. I will always miss her and a chunk of my heart died with her that night but life goes on and it's a brand new year. 

So of course with it being a brand new year...I got sick. 3 days in bed but I had my "boys" to keep me company.
Timmy is feeling much better all the healing thoughts must have worked. Thank you. 

So while I was sick he decided to show me just how well he is. 
yum..oatmeal cookies!!
Yup, his appetite is back. He helped himself to a cookie that was in the package. 

I don't care
When I scolded him he just gave me attitude. So I went to the kitchen to get another cookie and when I came back he was polishing off my toast.

I suppose I should be angry but I am just happy to have him feeling better. He really does not care because he knows I am standing there taking his pic but it never stops him!

I LOVE my new sweater!
Off to the kitchen I go but this time I take him with me, so he just finds crumbs on the floor to snack on. I finally found a nice sweater to wear in the house. A lot of his are getting ratty from him scratching at them. I'm not sure about the white cuffs but it fits him nice and tight. He likes this one! Of course he still needs his long johns and coats when he goes outside but it is good for his skin to breathe once in a while. I think his little slipper feet need a trim. He has to go back to the vet to get his "delicate area" swabbed (as the vet tech put it) once his drugs are done.

I am a good boy.

I'm bored.
 So while Timmy is scooting about my other 2 boys are resting on the floor. 
Pippin the BC is getting really fat from being a house dog.
 Buster Peebody is doing great, he really is a photogenic little guy!

It was so cold here that I finally had to move the guinea pigs back in the house from the bunny shed. The bunnies are fine but the little GP's can catch a chill really easy and the heat lamp just wasn't enough.
So now I'll get to have some new models to take pics of! 
Have a great week!!

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