Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little FiFi

The last little while I have been noticing that FiFi has been a little "off". Not her usual peppy poodle self. I thought it could just have been the heat but then the little cough started. Just once or twice during the night last week.

So I thought..oh oh..heart..then the three little weasels (as I call them) were sleeping soundly beside each other. I noticed Fifi was taking almost 3 breaths to Buster Peebodys 1. So yesterday morning she was kind of puffing I phoned the vet.

Now I don't have a vet here in town but it just so happens I found my most fav. vet ever opened shop 15 min. needless to say I was happy.
Fifi has only had a vet call once in 8yrs. She is a healthy girl...but...after an examination, and chest xrays..sure enough I was right.

Sometimes I hate being right. She has a grade 4 heart murmer, fluid builup around the heart and her heart is slightly enlarged.  So now she is on "water pills" to get rid of the fluid and 2 different heart pills to help get things working better.

The vet was surprised that I noticed the signs because they were so subtle..but we all know our dogs, don't we!!!! The good news is for an old girl her joints look great, few signs of any arthritis. BUT she needs to lose a pound, She has always been around 8-9ilbs and now she is 9.8 lbs..YIKES!! Now I'm just waiting for the blood results ,I have a feeling I know something is going to show up there. I hope I'm wrong.

Anyhoo she enjoyed the visit, poor Mr B had to foot the bill and I think I am going to need another job to keep these dogs in meds...oh well....we all get old at some point. Don't worry though, she is still her happy little self and should feel better soon.

Turn off the flash crazy are going to give me a heart attack and I am NOT fat, just fluffy!!!
So no new bill instead. Here are the sort of shots you can expect to see from my vintage digital camera.

Wait a sec...what do you mean no new camera..You mean I am going to look like this is all the pics now!!!
Yes Timmy, no new camera. Fifi is more important than taking pics of you without flash eyes. You may have noticed Timmy's new "do". He wanted a more youthful look so he cut off his long fu man chu whiskers.
Loving my new look..I look 10 yrs younger. I call it the "bieb look"
Yes Timmy for a 200yr old dog you do look younger. BTW the vet remembers you and can't wait to see you!! Isn't that nice? 

Me??? Go to a vet??? Forget the stink eye..your getting a raspberry with a flash eye!!! I intend to cost you a fortune if you make me go there.

Second job here I come...sigh


Mel said...

I hope the meds help poor Fifi. Sending lots of healing vbies.

Stewey said...

Hope Fifi will be on the mend soon!
Love Timmy's "Bieb Look" :)
Stewey said...

Aww, I hope Fifi will be okay! It's good that you noticed the signs early so that you could get Fifi help so soon. You're a good mum!

dellartist said...

So glad you caught it early. My little poodle Button has a tiny heart murmur but not enough for meds right now, according to his vet. She told us what to look for in the way of symptoms that would have to be treated but since I am already on meds for my heart, I pretty much knew them. Just like FiFi, I am on a water pill and two heart medicines - and I have been doing well for more than 10 years now. I am believing that FiFi will respond well to the meds and be feeling right again soon!

Rosebud Collection said...

Hope the little dog feels better soon. Timmy gave me a good laugh..
I think when you love your animals, you are very in tuned to their happy you picked up the problem early. I am sure where you caught it early, she will respond really well to the meds..
Take care and hope the hurricane keeps away from you..I know we are waiting..Always something..

Rosebud Collection said...

checking you out..You know you have a lot to do taking care of all those animals..I think it is wonderful you can blog..I haven't got an animal/pet , anymore, and still having trouble blogging..haha..
Have a happy week..xoRosebud/Carolyn