Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tutorial : How to wash a Guinea Pig

Step 1: Find a stinky smelly Guinea Pig or two if they happen to be walking by.

These 2 smell like prime candidates. Skittles and boys.

Secret even looks like a skunk so that might explain the odour.
" Your butt smells..if that is your butt..where is your head??"


Step 2: Carry your piggies safely to the washing area

"I can't believe she threw us in a bucket. I still can't tell which end is your head and which is your butt"
Skittles tends to be a little outspoken.

Step 3: Place you piggies gently in the tub

"You call this a tub??? It's a ratty ole laundry basin. You said we were going to the spa!!!"

Step 4: Wet the piggies

" Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain...I like this part..come on Secret ..join in"

Step 5: Lather your piggies with a gentle diluted shampoo

" Ha Ha Secret looks like the hair you pull out of the drain!!"

Step 5: Rinse, pat dry and put oven temperature to 350 degrees
NOT FUNNY TIMMY...GET OFF THIS POST..geeeezzz cheeky little bugger..

Step 5: Let the piggies dry off in a warm spot

Poor Secret..he is really annoyed with me. Look at that stink eye.

 " Dang..I look fine even when I am wet!"

Step 6: Comb the hair

" Look ladies...I have the perfect piggie profile"

" How adorable am I..bring on the hoochie mamas..I feel like dancin!!!!"

Okay Skittles, enough out of you. Poor Secret has gone into hiding he is so embarrassed by Skittles.

This ends our tutorial on how to wash a Guinea Pig or two.

PS..Right after this tutorial was filmed Skittles escaped into the pen with the ladies. We will know the results of his..errrrr....dancing in about 70 days.


Heartprints Pets said...

What a fun post! So funny!

Tucker The Crestie said...

Those sure are some clean piggies!

Thanks for stopping by our blog today - we love making new friends!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute post..I tell you, you sure do have many animals..They are very cute too..Oh dear, 70 days will be interesting..
Have a happy week xoxoRosebud. said...

They look so good all combed out. So handsome!