Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Easter Thursday

Here at the funny farm we love Easter. It is known as bunny day and it is my most very, very, very favourite holiday! So in honour of Bunny Day every Thursday until Easter I am going to list 10 adorable esty here we go

These are the cutest " Itty Bitty Bunnies - Set of 5" felt bunnies.
They are made by maiseyhandmade and here is the link
Next we have some Needle Felted Spring time Sheep..Totally Timmy made them and HEY they are in my shop!! I could not resist.

I love the fiber this shop sells and look at all the lovely Easter Colors!!
They are made by jen8anne and here is the link

The next best thing to bunnies and lambs are chicks!! These ones you wear in your ear.Yes they are earrings! They are made by MistyAurora and here is the link

Here we have a beautiful " Rabbit at Dusk print" . This was painted by lindanorton and here is the link

Here is a cute "little lamb" digital illustration print. This was made by DeannaMaree and here is the link of the shop for this little fellow

Next we have "Ribbon Eggs". These are what Easter Chicks hatch from. These were made by sawiheard and here is the link

Now Look!! Here are some Easter Chicks now..PEEP..PEEP..This little " Chicky Baby" is made by mykobocek and here is the link

Now here we have a hand carved "Rabbit" now the description does not say anything about Easter but it is my blog so my rules :) It is made by Sandra Healy and here is the link

Last but certainly not least is this beautiful "Sweet Spring Calla Lilly Cupcake " made by Verbenacustomblends. is I would hate to wash my hands with it because it is sooo pretty! Here is the link

So there we have it folks. The first edition of Easter Thursday. Take some time and check out these sellers. They really have alot of nice things to choose from! Bring on Bunny Day!!!!


LeelaBijou said...

OMG Those bunnies are super cutte!

Stacey said...

oh, those bunnies at the top are precious

Dozer and Coop said...

Timmy, I wrote a whole entry about your sheep and the wabbits and Dottie stole your picture off your blog and didn't ask permission. You have top billing on our blog but don't tell Mum we ordered the sheep for her, it's supposed to be a surprise.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Julie said...

Those top bunnies are so sweet!