Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easter Thursday!!!

Wow..Thursday again..another week closer to Bunny Day!! My fiance told me he already found the most amazing card for me. I can't wait to see it!
Here are my picks for the week, there are so many great things on Etsy!

This is a beautiful, colorful easter bunny complete with glitter!

"Rabbit Figurine"


An adorable gourd painted like..what else..a BUNNY!

"Handpainted Original Designed TWISTED EAR EASTER BUNNY Gourd Ornament No. 5"


How cute is this little bun-bun in this pretty print

"PatACake 8x10 PRINT"


Wild and Wolly easter chick..Hey!! I made know I always throw one of my own in here..

"Needle Felted Easter Chick on Wooden Egg Cup"


I live how peaceful this ewe looks grazing away..ahh spring..

"Grazing - Fine Art Photograph 10x10"


An adorable pocket cute is his name?

"Big Chubby Fatbunny"


This sweet bunny reminds me of a stuffed animal I had as a kid..we are going way back here folks!

"Chenille Bunny"


This wool looks like a jumble of easter eggs!

"Easter Egg - 6.8 oz Corriedale wool roving / top in pink,

yellow, orange and violet"


These cuties make me smile :)

"Chick Chick Chick"


Last but not least we have this little bun in his pocket carrot..he is soooo sweet!

"Itty Bitty Pocket Bunny with Carrot Pouch"



Kathleen Coy said...

So much cuteness!

Pugsley said...

We sure enjoy all the cute easter pictures on your post. I LOVE the new giraffes you added to your shop. Giraffes are my favorite animal:) Hope to see a Pug feltie soon:)


Rosebud Collection said...

Very cute picks..I like the lamb shot..We had such a nasty storm, even lost the internet..thank God, the electric didn't go..I want spring..take my snow..Thank you..

Bijou said...

Those are some awfully cute bunnies and chickies. I would love to play with any of them. Seriously, I would be nice.

Oh yeah... I tagged you for the Honest Weblog Award. If you choose to accept this "auspicious award" you can check out my latest blog post to find out what you need to do. Fun huh?

Wags & wiggles,

Laura said...

Aw, yay! Thanks so much for including my floofy wool roving! :)

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