Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The dog show is over!!

Well for all of you who didn't watch the 6 HOURS of TV coverage of the Westminster Dog show I will sum it up for you with some pics.
I did not take these pics but stole them all from the internet so I can't take any credit for any of them:)
So first in the Hound Group was a Scottish Deerhound
Ch Gayleward's Tiger Woods

First in the Terrier Group was the Scottish Terrier
Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot

First in the Non-Sporting group was the Standard Poodle
Ch Randenn Tristar Affirmation
Nickname: Yes

First in the Herding Group was the Puli
Ch Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

The winner of the Sporting Group was the Sussex Spaniel
Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee
Nickname - Stump

Winner of the Working Group was the Giant Schnauzer
Ch Galilee's Pure Of Spirit
Nickname - Spirit

Winner of the Toy Group was the Brussels Griffon
Ch Cilleine Masquerade
Nickname - Lincoln

Last years Best in Show Winner, the beagle Uno was there to pass on his crown

And the winner is the Sussex Spaniel Ch Cilleine Masquerade

He is the oldest winner ever at 10 yrs of age. He retired after almost dying 4 years ago but was brought back to the show ring and are we all glad he did!

Congrats to Stump!!

So it was a great show and any of the finalists could have won. Here are some other pics of dogs I like!
The Borzoi. I use to have these dogs. Love them

The cute!

The Great Dane. A gentle giant.

The Dogu de Bordeaux. Newly recognized breed by the AKC. Made famous in Turner and Hooch.

So to show Timmy how good he has it since he was so grumpy after his grooming on the weekend , he really has it easy!

Finally Timmy's Fav. Breed The Chinese Crested
Well it was a great show as back to your regular scheduled program

6 comments: said...

I broke out into giggling when I saw how good Timmy had it compared to some of the other pampered pooches.

Looks like a great show! Thanks for showing the pics! It's so much fun.

LeelaBijou said...

OMG those dogs are gorgeous. The pics are awesome! :)

Rosebud Collection said...

This was a fun blog..Never think to watch a dog show..What beautiful dogs and happy Stump won too..Some of the dogs, I have never heard of. Thanks for sharing all the information.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the coverage! yours is much more thorough than mine would have been - i would have summed it up in one sentence - The Rhodesian Ridgeback did not win again

In the last several years they haven't even won in their group - makes me sad!!! Such a great dog.

I love the great dane too - didn't used to have an affinity for them but now i have two sets of friends with danes and they are amazing

Kathleen Coy said...

Love to watch the Scottish Deerhound graceful!

squirrelmama said...

Congrats to Stump. I hope the AARP makes him its first - and honorary - canine member!