Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dog Art

Before Christmas I decided to try something different with painting. I bought a bunch of little 5 x 5 canvas, I never paint this small.

Anyhoo it was to make postage less and just to try something different. I also decided to "loosen" up my style a bit so I decided these should be fast and easy pictures.

I did both in record time and didn't fuss over the details. Turned out okay I think. I have 3 cats started just waiting for me to finally pick up a paintbrush after all this time.

I was going to leave them unframed but my fiance insisted they would look better with a little thin border. So he did them up and he was right..they do look better.I hate it when he is right!

So I guess I will take better pictures of them and list them in the shop. I don't know though, I will kinnda miss the pug staring at me and the beagle begging..we'll see...

4 comments: said...

They look very nice! Good job!

Kathleen Coy said...

Thanks for following my blog and the nice comment. These are cute paintings, you have a really fun style! :-)

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

The paintings are wonderful! Can't wait to see the kitties!

Anonymous said...

Those are major cool - great job! I'm impressed!

Thanks for your comment on my blog I really appreciated it and saved it in my email until I've had time to stop and respond back! I thank animals are fabulous and yeah, sounds like we both are willing to love very deeply all those that come into our lives. I never understand people who say they'll never have a dog because they couldn't stand losing their last one or some such thing - i think you miss out on so much when you won't because you're afraid of the inevitable. You only live once! (well twice...) so make it count!

i can be long winded too!