Friday, February 27, 2009

Totally Timmy Arrested!!

News Flash

We have all seen celebrity mug shots.
Who could forget Hugh Grant

Nick Nolte

and of course Micheal Jackson

Now Totally Timmy has one. Totally Timmy, Supermodel Supreme has been arrested!!!

Looking disheveled when brought in for paw prints and pictures, Timmy admitted to trying to run. Here are the official mugshots that only our blog was able to attain.

Timmy was arrested and charged with a DMT (drinking my tea) and resisting arrest.

He has been given house arrest due to his fragile nature. Also it is well known that Timmy never leaves the house fact Timmy will hardly ever get out of bed on his own.

Upon leaving the courthouse looking much tidier and wearing his favourite Daniel Boone hat we were able to ask Timmy a few questions.

Us - "Timmy..are you sorry for what you did?" Timmy -" No, the tea tasted really good"

Us- "are you going to appeal?" Timmy - "Nah..I did the crime so I will do the time. I have been in a way tougher pound than this before."

Us - "Why did you try to run?" Timmy -" seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn't like the snow and the wind messed up my hair"

Us- "Are you mad at your Agent for pressing charges?" Timmy - "nah..I knew she was territorial about her tea although I don't know what the big deal was. Heck I mess in the house, eat her earplugs, sniff butts, roll in horse poop and lick myself. I just don't get it."

Us -" Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?" Timmy - "Yeah..try it..Tea tastes really good, just don't get caught with your head in the mug."

We tried to speak with Timmy's Agent but she would not comment. This blog will keep you informed as this story unfolds. Thank you and good day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easter Thursday!!!

Wow..Thursday again..another week closer to Bunny Day!! My fiance told me he already found the most amazing card for me. I can't wait to see it!
Here are my picks for the week, there are so many great things on Etsy!

This is a beautiful, colorful easter bunny complete with glitter!

"Rabbit Figurine"


An adorable gourd painted like..what else..a BUNNY!

"Handpainted Original Designed TWISTED EAR EASTER BUNNY Gourd Ornament No. 5"


How cute is this little bun-bun in this pretty print

"PatACake 8x10 PRINT"


Wild and Wolly easter chick..Hey!! I made know I always throw one of my own in here..

"Needle Felted Easter Chick on Wooden Egg Cup"


I live how peaceful this ewe looks grazing away..ahh spring..

"Grazing - Fine Art Photograph 10x10"


An adorable pocket cute is his name?

"Big Chubby Fatbunny"


This sweet bunny reminds me of a stuffed animal I had as a kid..we are going way back here folks!

"Chenille Bunny"


This wool looks like a jumble of easter eggs!

"Easter Egg - 6.8 oz Corriedale wool roving / top in pink,

yellow, orange and violet"


These cuties make me smile :)

"Chick Chick Chick"


Last but not least we have this little bun in his pocket carrot..he is soooo sweet!

"Itty Bitty Pocket Bunny with Carrot Pouch"


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Well Timmy has gone to far and pushed me to take drastic measures.
He pooped not once but twice in my bedroom and to top it off
Buster Peebody rolled in it. The piddling from the 2 boys is out of control too. They just keep getting worse.
So I have had it. Timmy is going to be crated. FiFi and Buster Peebody are going in a wire exercise pen but Timmy will jump out so I have a huge wire crate I will turn into a bedroom for him. Lots of blankets and pillows. I want him to be comfortable. I just want to confine them a bit more. I have a HUGE room so they don't seem to have a prob messing up one side and sleeping on the other. They will only have to go in it when I am at work or out in the evening. I come home at lunch everyday to let them out, so they really have no excuse for being so dirty. So there will be pics of Timmy in jail coming soon....

Anyhoo..Two of my friendliest and loving rabbits died this winter which has only left me with one tame one. The rest are nuts. So I thought I would share some pics of him.

These are Chewy as a baby when I got him. I often go to a livestock auction where the neglect and cruelty these farmers bring on their animals is unreal. My vet has called the SPCA on many different occasions when he sees the shape of the animals I buy there. Anyhoo as you can see Chewy had little hair from mites. He also had bad earmites.

This is Chewy now. Isn't he a handsome boy? He is the biggest sweetheart and I love him to bits. He is a Rex rabbit and has fur like velvet. I base most of my bunny felties on him, little white feet and tail..I'm going to take better pics of him for cards in the future.

More Felties!!

It was a busy weekend. I was celebrating my fiances birthday so I wasn't home much. I think Timmy must have missed me because he crawled into my lap last night for scratches. He has never done that before. He either missed me or has done something really bad I havn't found yet!

I'm trying to get all my Easter felties listed in my Etsy shop.
Here are a couple more.

Easter Chickie!

Easter Bunny!

Henny Penny and Chicks!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Felties!!

My newest lisings on Etsy
Here they are..ready for spring little herd of Lambs!

The Baby Blue One

The Bubble Gum Pink One

The Sunny Yellow One

and the Light Pink One

What a cute little gang they are!

Newest Feltie!

So I was able to get some more needle felting done and a little bit of painting. The only trouble I ran into was having FiFi the poodle vomit all over my feet but hey..that happens to everybody...Right?
So here are my 2 new listings on Etsy:

My Beagle Painting..another 6 x 6 small painting.

This adorable little bunny I felted. I will show his face but I have a fixation with my felties bums..They are always so cute!

This is Gingersnap the lop eared bunny.

I had a bit of time to work on my Siamese painting..So here is my work in progress...earlier in the week

and now today..I'm getting there!
I'm not suppose to fuss because I am trying to loosen up, but it is so hard to do!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easter Thursday

Well it's Thursday again..time to celebrate Bunny Day!!! Its getting closer!!!
Before we get into my selections this week, I have to give a Timmy update. For all you animal lovers you will probably find this most amusing..those that arn't you might want to scroll down.
Timmy once again came in the house and pooped on the floor so I made it my mission to bundle him up and not let him back in the house until he had pooped. I let him in to warm up then out he goes again. So this seems to be working okay and I watch him from the window to make sure he is doing his "business" out there. So there he is with his butt facing the window when I notice something bright orange coming out, it seems to grow as it comes out then POP it lands on the ground. I of course run out to see what my dog just pooped out and it is one of the foam earplugs I wear at night. The little brat had eatten one of my earplugs!! Not chewed it up, just swallowed it whole. So this year he has eaten rat poison and an ear plug. Let's see what else he gets into!
Enough about him...

Here are my 10 picks for this week..I really enjoy doing this:)

Cute Candy the Rabbit Faux Fur Plushie Momma Size.

How cute is this pink bunny. Just want to hug her!


Sweet bunny hat
I might like kids if they dressed up like little animals. How cute is this!

Quack Quack Little Duck-A Rummikub Game Tile Pendant Necklace with Cord
Adorable little duckie pendant. Nice spring colors!

dances with rabbits
When I saw this I thought "hey, she has painted a picture of me!"

OOAK Jointed White Fluffy Bunny with Needle Felted Face
Oh how sweet..Wait..this is from my shop..tee hee

Little Easter Chick Polymer Bead Set
Pastel Easter chick beads, how fun are they!

This is just the prettiest bunny ever!


Mother Goose and her Goslings
I love this, looks like fun to play with!


Bunny 5 x 5 print
This little guy just looks so sweet sitting there..AWWWWW

Bunny with Babies Easter Animal Puzzle Wooden Toy Hand Cut with Scroll Saw
This is just the neatest puzzle..How cool is this!

That's it for this week...have a great day and think "BUNNY!!!!"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Feltie

I need to vent
Timmy has been VERY bad for the last few days. He pooped on the floor then curled his lip at me when I scolded him (he has never done that before) He was not coming when called . A big no no, being an ex obedience trainer this sort of thing really makes me angry. Finally he has been walking around on the kitchen table again and not getting off till I get right up to him. The table thing was a problem when I first got him because he stayed on the table in the shack he was found in so the other dogs would not attack him. Now it is just he is in food stealing mode. So I'm not sure wether he is being so bad due to old age or that he is a diva but it had to stop.
So Timmy got a tune up and a reminder of just who is the boss. So today was much better but we will see. Buster Peebody stole my wool again and shredded it and Pippin ripped open a bag of wood shaving all over the basement. So I have had it with dogs right now.
I feel better now!

Anyhoo I decided to put a couple of new items in my Etsy store.
I finally am selling my pug painting, I love this painting

I still might change my mind and keep him but for right now he is up for adoption.

I also finished a felted Unicorn named Magic.
She is very pretty and a bigger feltie at 5".
I like how her mane with the flowers turned out.

Also I have started painting again even though the nerve damage in my thumb is causing problems..So here is a work in progress pic-Siamese #1

I always like WIP posts so I thought I would do one.