Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well I now have wireless highspeed at home..It is wonderful! I can get more done in less time which is great.

So I thought tonight I would introduce Pippin. He is a 6 year old Border Collie I adopted when he was only 6mths old. I drove 3 1/2hrs to pick him up.
He had been treated badly by his previous family. The little boy had tied him up and smothered him, pounded on him with hockey sticks, shot him with nerf balls while he was trying to eat etc. So he took to growling, so they would send him away to obedience where he was no trouble. After a while he bit the child in the face. I did not know all this until I got there and probably would not have adopted him because I have nieces and he was, 6 mths old and I was going to be his 5th owner.

He never liked being touched so I just left him alone but he was very devoted to me. One time when I was going through a very low time in my life we were sitting on a hill watching the sky when he leaned over and licked my cheek. It was the first time he ever had reached out to me, this poor broken dog and I had had him for over a year but never pushed..

We did obedience and agility but as he ages his aggression gets worse so know we just hang out at the farm. He is super smart but not wired properly in the head. I was told by several trainers that if I did not have him he would have to be put down.

Living with Pip is sometimes very frustrating but I try to keep him on a regular plan and he knows exactly what is expected of him. Unfortunately he has to be muzzled on occasion but it is for his own safety. He dislikes most men and has bitten a few. He also dislikes boys but will play ball or Frisbee with my nephew , when I am there of course. I always make sure there is a "safe" place for him to go to if he starts to become anxious. He always warns before doing anything and I have trained him to go the "safe" place when he gets uptight.

He will be moving to town with me which will bring it's own sort of problems, but I think if I continue to give him guidelines to live by we should be okay. I love my Pippy Boy. He has turned into a happy confident dog who loves hugs and scratches. Will roll over for a belly rub and loves a bum scratch. Timmy dislikes him, but then Timmy dislikes all dogs LOL....

So here he meet Pippin!

3 comments: said...

Awww, he looks so cute. He actually has a bit of a goofy expression in this photo, but I love the sideways tongue and the eyes. He looks like a good guy. Poor thing, I'm so sorry to hear how mistreated he was before he found you! He's so lucky to have you now.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful dog..Amazing what people do to animals..let alone children. Even little Gracie..the Yorkie I told you about. Like Timmy, she didn't like other dogs, but what a wonderful dog..Love the children..
Her old owner was going to have her put down..I just happen to be riding down the road and saw her running..she ran into my arms and the rest is history..We gave her to our daughter, because they loved her so much..

Leslie Moore said...

what a beautiful boy! Have you read the Jon Katz book about his beloved but incorrigible border collie? Can't remember the title, but I think you'd like it. Sounds like you're giving Pippin a great home.