Friday, January 30, 2009


Well before holidays I was rushing around trying to get things done for a craft show. I had tons of felties and the show was a disaster. Well since then I have done painting, needlefelting or clay. I also have bad nerve damage in my right thumb which I had work on so I have to rest it anyways..Well..I was wandering through some blogs, I am quite addicted to blogs at the moment, and saw how to make a lightbox out of a clear storage tub. So I thought I would try it. Maybe it would boost my creative spirit.

It took some fussing and figuring and I still don't have it right but I like my pics alot better now. All I did was turn the box on its side. Cover it with tissue paper. Put a piece of paper I liked for a background. The put a light on either side and on top. I also fiddled with my camera and blah blah..I would show you but my craft room looks like a Micheal's store threw up in it.

So here are some examples using my felties, I guess they are off to my store tomorrow!

As you can see all the backgrounds look different. I was fiddling in photoshop, with the lights and camera settings. I think they look pretty good though, I don't like white backgrounds and Timmy loves purple it is! I think I managed to get every shade of purple all from the same background..oh well practice makes perfect.. I just love bum shots of my felties..too cute:)


J. Leigh Designz said...

Would love to know where you found the directions for a light box...I am so in need of one LOL! said...

Oh! Very nice! I like the purple background.

Rosebud Collection said...

It looks great..Love the little felties..they are adorable..
Hope the thumb heals fast..