Sunday, March 15, 2009


I decided to get some pics of Pippin. Poor Pippin does not get the attention he deserves because he is not an indoor dog. He comes in the house at night but must be chained to the wall because of his destructive and dirty habits. He does however get to spend time with me outside which hasn't been that much lately due to all the rain and ice. When he isn't covered in mud and gunk I bring him into my craft area where he hangs out for a few hours with the gang. Timmy HATES him so we won't let Timmy know we did this post..okay???shhhhhh

So I slept all day which is normal for me then decided at sunset to go play ball with Pip. Here are ALOT of pics to let you see how it all went.

So I go in the stable and there at the door is my shy little runt of a cat you folks have never met. I ran out of names awhile ago so her name is Kitty. She has a blue eye and a green eye. She was one of the dying kittens I took in last year. Unfortunately her sis didn't make it and Kitty has permanent damage to her blue eye from the horrible infection she had. She is timid, never leaves the barn. She would love to be a house cat and if I could find a nice quiet home I would let her go in an instant. As it stands right now she will be moving to my sis's farm with Ollie. My fiance is so allergic we can't keep them. She likes hunting mice so she might be okay..anyhoo..

We can see you hiding behind those old shovels!!

So I pet her and grab a tennis ball and head to our little top field.

Pip comes tearing up with his favourite toy. A bucket..yes a bucket..he loves his bucket. Has 2 of them actually, stole them from the goats. I refuse to throw the bucket!

"OK buckets gone...throw the damn ball already"

"I'm Superman!!!" The ball is up to the right if you look close.

" throw like a girl!"

"Look how fast I can run..Look how much hair I have...screw you Timmy"
They really don't get along
Look here comes Oliver to check out what all the excitement is all about.

The goats came to watch but can't figure out why he would waste all his time chasing a ball, bringing it back and then having me just throw it away again. The goats really don't get it.
They also don't understand golf either ..or tennis.or get the idea.

Well now that he has an audience he really starts to show off
"Throw me the Cat!!" he yells

No one's throwing Ollie!! He's out of there...

So Ollie runs away with the goats following..what a silly gang they are..

So his audience is gone but Pippin still demands"Throw me something!"

So I threw him the horse. Let's see him catch that muddy old guy!

So the game ended as the sun went down. Pippin was panting and covered with muck.

No sitting on the carpet with me tonight!


Jody said...

Quite a gang you've got there!
What kind of goats are you use their fibre?

Kathleen Coy said...

Lol, "Throw me the horse!"

Cute post, love your critters! Kitty has such beautiful eyes. :-)

Pugsley said...

What a GREAT afternoon!!I sure wish we had goats, horses and cats at my house.

Just a funny things about goats:) My mom's nephew calls them "BOATS", so now we all call them BOATS:)!!

Have a PAWSOME Monday!!

Belua Designs said...

I love seeing the photos of your animals! and I love Pippin and his bucket...too cute :)

Bijou said...


Pippin looks like a nice capable farm dog. I bet he keeps everything in order.

Loved the photos of your other critters too. Mom would like to live on an acreage. She would have a "farm animal" collection if she could. BOL

Wags & wiggles,

Diego Dog said...

This was a fun post. Thanks!!


Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Hey can we herd that horse? It looks like Pip had great fun..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Lol, Pippin is a hoot! I love the pictures of him -especially the one catching the horse! Lol...

I think kitty is one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. I love her different coloured eyes and how shy she is.

sam said...

What a lovely dog Pippin is, they're very clever arent they. How long did it take him to give up on the horse?!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a wonderful bunch of animals..
They are all beautiful and I am sure Timmy doesn't care for any of them..He likes all the attention.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Kitty is so sweet looking! Hope she and Ollie have a good home with you sister.