Monday, June 7, 2010


Well I'm back ..believe it or not I have been sick for a full month. A combo of migraines and a mono like virus but I am finally feeling a little better.

We had a very sad thing happen here. Mr B.'s dog Daisy had to be put to sleep. She has been in pain for a long time and she finally told him it was time. He has been so sad, she has been his best friend for 12 yrs.

She was the sweetest dog ever and will be greatly missed.I had kept gently mentioning that he should think about getting another dog, but while Daisy was still alive he did not want to even consider it and said "never again". Well after a while of missing her terribly he decided he needed a distraction to help him here she is..introducing Maggie!

It's nice to see Mr B. smiling again. She is a reg. Golden Retriever from imported stock. I researched her lines before we got her because we wanted to make sure we were getting the healthiest puppy we could. Her pappy is from Finland and has 10 generations clear of hip, elbow eye problems. On her mom's side she comes from a breeder with 35yrs of experience who actually uses her dogs to hunt..not just look pretty. Her lines are imported from Australia.She has a loving outgoing personality and everybody is her best friend at first sight....except my dogs of course.

Timmy and Buster Peebody can't figure out why they have to wear belly bands when she is the one piddling everywhere. Timmy's skin is a little pink because his bad agent let him out in the sun without sunscreen. The boys tend to mark when a new dog comes to the pack so they are wearing them as a precaution. If any of you have a nervous pee dog like Buster Peebody or a marker these are great belly bands. Very comfortable and soft. Wash and wear great. I got them off Etsy from and HIGHLY recommend them.

Me piddle??? NEVER!!!

So Timmy..what do you think of your new pack mate?

"She is Crazy..I do not like her at all..always running around and bumping into me. There should be a law made about bad puppies" I should mention to all you Timmy fans that he is quite deaf and his sight is failing so she scares him appearing out of nowhere. Don't worry though, I'll take good care of him.

Me Crazy?? Look at this face..NEVER!!!

Well we can get another opinion..Buster Peebody what do you think of Maggie?

I think his expression says it all.

Here I am looking and feeling ghastly watching Maggie try to look innocent. Now that Mr B. is around I can actually be in a few pics..looking at myself I wonder if that is a good thing!

Here is Fifi and I. She is the only one that likes Maggie. When Maggie first came here and was crying, Fifi was very upset and kept going to her to try to comfort her. This is the only pic I have of Fifi and I. She is a sweet little thing.

I love Fifi too...I love everybody!

Blast you stuffed toy..I will beat you with my stick to protect everybody!

Night everybody.......


sam said...

Very sad news,Im sure Maggie will keep his thoughts occupied, great dog! said...

Awwww, Maggie is adorable! I'm so glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the great update!

Dozer and Coop said...

Maggie is very cute and we are sure as time passes that Timmy and everyone will love her as much as we do. Dottie is blind and deaf so everything is a surprise to her too. But she seems to manage and still loves food so her quality of life is still up there.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

Rosebud Collection said...

Oh, so happy you are better..My daughter gets bad headaches..Horrible thing to have..then to get sick on top of it. Just happy you are back..Sorry about your loss of the older dog.
That is very losing a friend. Maggie will keep everyone on their toes. How sweet.
Timmy and the other little one are so cute..I like those diapers for dogs.
Again,Happy you are feeling much better and glad you have a new puppy..
Enjoyed all the pictures too..
Have a great week and keep healthy..xoxoRosebud.

squirrelmama said...

Maggie is a real honey.....and it sure is nice to have you back and feeling well. Let's hope this is the start of a better season all around, critter-wise and human-wise.