Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally a chance to post!

Sorry I have not posted lately but things around here are really busy. I'm quitting my job of 20 years..starting a new one part time...moving...moving my horses and cats..moving my pets to the new home and getting things set up!!!

My fiance Mr B found a sick squirrel so he has been taking care of it. It has become quite tame but it is a skittish little thing. Well it got loose on the weekend and long story short ..I grabbed it and it sunk it's teeth into my finger and would not let go!! Mr B had to pry it's jaws apart to make it let go. The squirrel was covered with blood, Mr B was splattered and it was dripping out of my finger. I have been bitten, scratched knocked over by animals..heck..I even sewed my finger with an industrial sewing machine but nothing ever hurt like this! I was almost faint from the pain. So while I was cursing and swearing Mr B had to go make sure the squirrel was okay. "Poor Murrell" he says.."he's all covered with blood and freaked out"

He was worried about the squirrel more than me..and I'm going to marry this man..the thing that makes me feel good though is while he was hanging off my finger, I was pulling I think I stretched him about an inch! is swollen and red. Bled for 8 hrs on and off but it's not no felting for a bit..but here is what I had done before it happened!!

My Basset Hound

A handsome dalmation

A cute bear I dyed with kool ade!!

A border collie ..who just sold actually :)

I'll try to catch up on all your blogs when I have a bit of down time..TTFN