Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poor Timmy

Hi again. I have not been here in a while because I have been sooo busy !!! Everything on the funny farm is rolling along.

I was giving Timmy a trim, yes hairless dogs get trims, when I noticed his teeth. While lifting his lip to trim his whiskers I realized 2 of his 3 front teeth were in bad shape. Timmy has very few teeth to start with. The breed is very prone to improper dentition. So off to the vet we go and a gazillion $$$ later we find out we need a cleaning and maybe 2 extractions.

Now I don't mind dental care on my dogs BUT I have a broken tooth I have not had looked at due to the $$$$$, but don't worry, Timmy is booked in.
So poor Timmy, he will only have one front snaggle tooth left!